Axios Reporter Laments China Not Overtaking US As ‘Better, Fairer’ Superpower

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, Axios’ primary China reporter, lamented that the Chinese Communist Party would not overtake the U.S. as a “better superpower” on Twitter. The four-tweet threat rebuked the notion that “the Chinese government could perhaps become as good and wise as the people it governs.” A rejection of the establishment’s mindset to approaching the communist country, Allen-Ebrahimian adds, “I believe we are far, far past the point where anyone can hope that China will bring a better, fairer, and more just international system.” Allen-Ebrahimian, who describes herself as “the China reporter at Axios,” reveals, however, that she hoped China would

AOC Partied With Alleged Chinese Communist Party Spy

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was pictured celebrating Tibetan New Year next to Baimadajie Angwang, a New York police officer recently arrested for serving as an “illegal agent” of the Chinese Communist Party,  providing the government with intelligence on ethnic Tibetans. The photo, posted to Ocasio-Cortez’s Instagram, shows the Congresswoman in between the alleged spy and a woman with a child. Angwang is wearing his New York Police Department uniform. The resurfaced photo also comes as Ocasio-Cortez has been campaigning for months to defund the police, notoriously stating “defunding the police means defunding the police.” Angwang, accused of spying on New York-based