Why Democrats’ New “Morality” Messaging Will Fail

This article was originally posted at Townhall. If you’ve been paying attention to the rhetoric coming from elected Democrats and progressive activists in recent weeks, you’ve probably noticed a calculated effort to frame issues in the vein of morality.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared to reporters that building a border wall would be an “immorality.” Abortion activist Amelia Bonow told children in a viral video that aborting her baby was “part of God’s plan.” Even social media superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — who apparently works part-time as a Member of Congress — clumsily invoked morality to excuse her aversion to the truth, telling Anderson Cooper that it’s more

A Heartbroken Old Priest’s Message for Catholics

Last Sunday, I went to Mass said by a priest who is in his 80s or 90s. He is retired but still says Mass at a local parish every Sunday. However, this was no ordinary Sunday — this was a Sunday in the thick of the church’s sexual abuse scandal. It was only a little more than 12 hours after the release of a bombshell 11-page letter by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the Vatican’s former ambassador to the United States, asserting that Pope Francis knew about former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s long record of abusing young men. Vigano said that Pope Francis not only disregarded

When Ivory Towers Crumble: A Christian Call for Political Action

It’s a sad day when practice is held hostage to theory, when goodness is crippled by perfection. In our ivory towers, presbyteries, and libraries, we parse truth and dream of the good life. We paint pictures of a world as it was intended to be, driven by faith and true love, and subject to a higher Order within which we flourish according to the fullness of our nature. But life is not lived in an ivory tower. What happens when our ability to act is jeopardized? This past year, a renewed discussion of Christian church history and community practice has

Why Is Hollywood Still Afraid of Christian Movies?

For decades, Hollywood has ignored and alienated Christians and other culturally conservative audiences, producing mainstream films with gratuitous sex and violence. But with recent box office hits marketed to Christian audiences, could things be changing? The Passion of the Christ in 2004 started the trend. Although mainstream studios declined to support the project, Mel Gibson put tens of millions of dollars in his own money to produce it. And despite the scant support from Hollywood, it was one of the biggest box office successes of all time, bringing in nearly $400 million worldwide. That achievement prompted a slew of Christian-oriented movies marketed to a

Report: Attacks on Religious Freedom in US Surge 76 Percent Since 2014

Hostility to Christian beliefs on marriage and sexuality have more than doubled in the past three years, according to a new June 2017 report. The report, which was produced by the Family Research Council (FRC) and titled “Hostility to Religion: The Growing Threat to Religious Liberty in the United States,” also found a 76 percent increase in religious freedom violations. Comparing this report with their first edition released in July 2014, FRC discovered skyrocketing levels of hostility and intolerance towards religious beliefs: When the first edition of this report was released in July 2014, religious freedom violations across the United

70 Years Later, This Senate Chaplain’s Prayer Still Stands

Seventy years ago, the chaplain of the U.S. Senate was a man named Peter Marshall. He opened Monday, June 23, 1947, with a prayer that read: We thank Thee, O Lord, that this land is still governed by the people’s representatives. Let democratic processes be seen at their best in this time of testing. As these chosen men discharge their duties, guide them, O God, in the decisions they must make today. Give them the grace of humility, and shed now Thy guiding light into every mind. Break down every will that is stubbornly set against Thine or that has

Bernie Sanders’ Ugly Bigotry

U.S. Senator and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced on Wednesday that he would oppose President Trump’s nominee for deputy budget director, Russell Vought, because of his religious beliefs. In 2016, Vought wrote a blog post for The Resurgent in which he defended the decision by his alma mater, Wheaton College, to terminate Larycia Hawkins after her comments that Muslims and Christians “worship the same God.” In the post, Vought affirmed ancient Christian doctrine: Christ is one with God the Father and God the Spirit, and the Triune God alone is divine. Because Muslims reject Christ’s divinity, Vought argued,

How Is Trump Different from European Leaders? The Answer Is Simple…

With the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of France, the two most powerful leaders in Europe — Macron and Germany’s Angela Merkel — now share a certain characteristic: they have no children. (Hat tip: Gatestone Institute) Doing the work of raising the next generation is hard. It consumes resources. It requires sexual discipline. It carries the possibility of enormous, unique satisfactions if one’s children do well and offer their tribute of love and respect. It also carries with it the possibility of enormous, unique heartaches when children fail, betray, or are simply hurt by outside forces. Virtually every human society