Why Is Hollywood Still Afraid of Christian Movies?

For decades, Hollywood has ignored and alienated Christians and other culturally conservative audiences, producing mainstream films with gratuitous sex and violence. But with recent box office hits marketed to Christian audiences, could things be changing? The Passion of the Christ in 2004 started the trend. Although mainstream studios declined to support the project, Mel Gibson put tens of millions of dollars in his own money to produce it. And despite the scant support from Hollywood, it was one of the biggest box office successes of all time, bringing in nearly $400 million worldwide. That achievement prompted a slew of Christian-oriented movies marketed to a

Justice Alito Warns Seminarians of Threats to Religious Liberty, Free Speech

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, a south Jersey native and “something of a Philly boy” according to local news, spoke at the graduation of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Reporters were not allowed to record the event. But one local news outlet reports he gave a strong warning about diminishing respect for religion here in the United States, and issued a call to stand with Christian martyrs abroad: “For most of my life, American people have been united in their strong respect for religious liberty. But recently, things have started to change,” Alito said. He added: “The

Trump Army Nominee Forced to Withdraw Due to Christian Faith

Last week President Trump’s nominee for Army Secretary, Mark Green, withdrew his name from consideration after several weeks of protest from radical LGBT and left-leaning groups. According to The Washington Post, Green, a professed Christian, was under siege for previous comments where he appeared to question the Left’s radical gender ideology: Among the comments that drew concern were Green saying last fall that if psychiatrists were polled, they would say that “transgender is a disease.” He added that while most millennials accept transgender people, he wanted to be a “light” that set the record straight. “If you really want to

The Largest Massacre of Christians on American Soil

Seeking more information about the Oregon shooter, I googled “killing Christians” and came up with this book: Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where Its Not Safe to Believe. Neither the author of that book (which is about foreign persecutions) nor I ever imagined that would include a place like Roseburg, Oregon. The man who killed almost a dozen community college students was a self-described satanist, who hated organized religion, claimed to be “spiritual but not religious” on a dating website, and also, strangely enough, identified as a conservative Republican. At least two survivors have confirmed that the killer specifically asked