CNN’s Anti-Trump Russia Hoaxer Paula Reid Is Married to a Chinese Communist Party Lobbyist.

The husband of CNN Correspondent Paula Reid formerly worked for a lobbying group representing Chinese Communist Party-linked companies before joining a financial advisory firm training companies on how to work with the brutal regime, The National Pulse can reveal. Reid – who joined CNN as its Senior Legal Affairs Correspondent after working as a CBS News White House Correspondent – has frequently used her platform to spread the debunked narrative that Donald Trump colluded with Russia. Reid drew the ire of the former president during press briefings for abrasive and often flawed questions about his administration’s COVID-19 response. Most recently,

Four Congressmen, Including a Jan 6. Committee Member, Called CNN Because They Were ‘Devastated’ at Losing Jeff Zucker.

Upon Jeff Zucker’s resignation as President of CNN, several members of Congress called reporters from the network to express how they were “devastated for our democracy,” according to a report from Vanity Fair. The former CNN president attributed his resignation to failing to properly report a relationship with a colleague and comes amidst turmoil at the network over plummeting viewership and pedophilia scandals. A Vanity Fair article – “This Does Not Fit the Crime”: CNN Employees Continue to Push Back on the Fall of Jeff Zucker – details the response of Zucker’s colleagues to his resignation along with several members of

Trump’s TN-5 Pick Morgan Ortagus Launched a Consulting Firm with Her ‘Best Friend’ – A CNN Contributor Turned Biden Official Who Called Trump ‘Hitler’.

Morgan Ortagus – the Trump administration official mulling a controversial run for Congress in Tennessee – co-founded a consultancy firm alongside her “best friend” Samantha Vinograd, a former CNN contributor who now works in Joe Biden’s White House. Vinograd has an extensive history of bashing former President Trump, even likening him to Adolf Hitler. Ortagus – who was Mike Pompeo’s State Department spokesman during the Trump administration – received a preemptive “complete and total endorsement” from the former president, in a move that has left the America First base baffled and angered. Filmmaker and grassroots activist Robby Starbuck has been

New Video Analysis: Ashli Babbitt Chatted With Capitol Officers and Attempt to Calm Protesters Before Being Executed.

New video analysis claims that Ashli Babbitt – the U.S. veteran executed by Capitol Police officer Michael Byrd – was attempting to diffuse the situations between rioters destroying the doors leading to the Speaker’s Lobby at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6th and the police guarding them. Babbitt even went so far as to step between one of the men around her and the police, before being executed on government property. The claims run contrary to the corporate media narrative of Babbitt and the events of January 6th, including recent smears against her character on the one year anniversary of

CNN Has An Institutional Sex Pest Problem.

UPDATE – On the morning of Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022, the President of CNN, Jeff Zucker, resigned amidst news about his own inappropriate relationship with a colleague. The National Pulse article that follows was originally published on December 30th, 2021 and was entitled: "CNN Has An Institutional Sex Problem and It's Time for Answers." You can support our prescient work by clicking here. The original article follows below: With a second CNN staffer under investigation for alleged sex crimes involving children, 2021 could define the network’s freefall under repeated sexual scandals. Instead of investigating their own employees’ culture of sexual

CNN’s Sex Pest Problem Turns Pedo.

Project Veritas has released audio records and text messages showing yet another CNN employee describing lurid sex acts, this time his desire to commit sexual acts against a child. The child being discussed is 14-years-old, and the daughter of the producer’s fiancée. The news follows Jeffrey Toobin being suspended and unsuspended after masturbating in front of colleagues, and the dismissal of Chris Cuomo for attempting to cover up for his brother’s alleged sexual harassment. Janine Bonanni, the source who has released the audio recordings and text messages, had a 10-year relationship with the CNN producer where he consistently described his

VIDEO: CNN Staff Compared Cuomo to Weinstein, Admitted Coverage Was Not ‘News First’.

Project Veritas has released another undercover video of CNN’s technical director, Charlie Chester, discussing the conflict of interest between now-suspended anchor Chris Cuomo and his brother, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo seven months prior to Chris Cuomo’s suspension in December 2021. The full video follows this article. Chester states that CNN’s Jeff Zucker no longer allowed Chris Cuomo to interview Andrew Cuomo on air, because “they” are saying it is a “conflict of interest, which is bulls*t.” He goes on to say that CNN doesn’t want to be seen as playing favorites or downplaying Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment and coverup of

CNN Cameraman’s Voicemail for Congressman Gaetz: ‘I’m Going to Put a Bullet in You’.

Eugene “Gene” Huelsman, 57 – a professional cameraman for outlets such as CNN, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brien, and a plethora of Hollywood awards shows – has been caught on audio recording threatening to “f***ing kill [Congressman] Matt Gaetz.” The voicemail, detailed in its entirety below, also reveals Huelsmans plans to kill Gaetz, along with one of his children. The 1min 57s recording was distributed along with a photograph of Huelsman of Thousand Lakes, CA and details his race, height, weight, hair, eye color, and age. The document accompanying the voicemail alerts anyone who comes into contact with Huelsman to immediately

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