Ted Cruz’s Pyrrhic Victories

On the surface, Ted Cruz would appear to have had a very good last couple of weeks. Following up on his resounding victory in the Wisconsin primary on April 5, Cruz dominated the state conventions in Colorado and Wyoming, netting 57 out of a possible 66 delegates from the two states. More importantly for Cruz, however, in denying Donald Trump those delegates, he made the front runner’s path to the outright nomination that much more difficult, increasing the possibility of a contested convention in July. And if Trump were unable to win on the first ballot, Cruz’s chances of victory would

Trump Fails Most Consistent Campaign Promise

The Donald Trump brand is to win. To do that, he has claimed that he will assemble “the best people.” When he won New Hampshire, Trump declared about his staff: “. . . they were all out today and it was amazing. . . So thank you, Hope and Corey and the entire staff. Incredible job.” Mr. Trump has made it clear that his strongest promise is to win the election, and his knowledge of strategy and the skill of his people will be the vehicle for doing so. Enter the GOP delegate selection process. The reality star turned presidential