Trump Reaffirms Support for FADA, Conscience Protection Act, a prominent Catholic issues organization, yesterday published a letter they received from Donald Trump which indicates an increased commitment to religious liberty from the Republican presidential nominee. As he did in the letter his campaign sent to the American Principles Project last December, Trump discussed the importance of freedom of religion and reiterated his support for the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), which would prevent government discrimination against individuals and organizations which hold traditional views on marriage. In his letter to CatholicVote, Trump also added that he would press for the passage of the Conscience Protection Act, a bill

Will Congress Protect Conscientious Objectors to Abortion?

Today, members of the House of Representatives will vote on the Conscience Protection Act. If passed, the bill will codify a ban on discrimination against health services providers that object to abortion on religious or moral grounds. “This bill is one that is an extension of the Weldon amendment, which has been in law since 2005,” Congressman John Fleming, one of the bill’s supporters, said in a recent interview. “What it says is that health care workers should not be required to participate against their will with abortions or anything of that type. Also, when you purchase health care coverage,