STUDY: Childlessness Leads to Liberalism, Support for Homosexuality, Abortion, and Promiscuity, while Parenthood Creates Conservatism and Traditional Values.

A series of four studies by researchers from the United States, Chile, Australia, South Korea, Poland, Japan, Denmark, and Serbia has concluded that “[t]he motivation to care for children is consequently among the fundamental drivers of human behaviour, but its power to shape social attitudes and cognition is under-appreciated.” The studies revealed “cross-cultural and experimental evidence suggesting that parental care motivation leads to increases in socially conservative attitudes, and that parenthood is associated with social conservatism around the globe.” The report lends credibility to the colloquial use of such phrases as, “You’ll understand when you have children of your own,”

Posobiec: Why Does ‘Never Trump’ National Review Want Roger Stone to Die in Prison?

I’m one of the only people who sat through the whole Roger Stone trial in person. Credit where it’s due, Milo did too. He even has a book coming out about it. But before that book drops, it’s imperative to raise awareness over what the Never Trumpers are still trying to do, as they panic about the latest announcements about White House personnel moves that will surely lead to a more early-2017-style White House, rather than the John Kelly-style stuff we had begrudgingly become accustomed to. When they’re not running pro-Pete Buttigieg, “End the Electoral College” advertisements, the National Review

New Report: Republicans Can’t Win Without the Family

Veritable droves of right-of-center commentators and would-be eminences are more than happy to sound off ad-nauseam about tax cuts and job creation. Those priorities are spoken about as if they are the only political issues that conservatives can win on. In 2018, before November’s midterm elections, a group of Republican insiders and strategists happily gloated that another round of tax cuts would leave Democrats completely stumped, flailing in confusion at their loss. On the other hand, after those commentators were proven wrong, with Democrats winning those elections by a concerning margin, they stuck to the “tax-talk” strategy, dolefully weeping that

Poll Shows Steep Drop in Americans Valuing Patriotism, Religion, Having Children

A new poll released last week by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal contains surprising information that could have a profound cultural impact in the years to come. It is interesting to note that the article releasing the results of the poll buries the lede. The NBC News’ headline reads, “‘A deep and boiling anger’: NBC/WSJ poll finds a pessimistic America despite current economic satisfaction.” Carrie Dann writes, “The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that — despite Americans’ overall satisfaction with the state of the U.S. economy and their own personal finances — a majority say they

The Rise of Anti-Fusionism

In the early days of National Review, William F. Buckley and Frank Meyer coined the term “fusionism” to describe their political philosophy. The goal was to wed classical liberalism (democracy and capitalism) with a kind of generic Judeo-Christian traditionalism. Some of today’s most prominent fusionists include David French, Yuval Levin, and Ben Shapiro. Fusionism has been the prevailing ideology of conservatism for a long time, but some brave anti-fusionists, such as Tucker Carlson and Sohrab Ahmari, are now questioning it.  To better understand this debate, some historical context is needed. In medieval Europe, most governments existed to preserve a hierarchy

Conservatives Combat Leftist Smear Campaign Against Stephen Moore

Over the past three decades, there has arguably been no greater public champion of free market economics than Stephen Moore. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Left lost its collective mind over Trump’s nomination of Moore to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. But rather than oppose Stephen Moore due to his views on the true cause of inflation (hint: it’s not economic growth, as widely believed at the Federal Reserve), the merits of a rules-based monetary policy, or the need for a more transparent central bank, they have resorted to re-litigating divorce filings and scrutinizing his decades-old tenure at

Conservatives, Liberals Unite in Opposition to Amazon’s “HQ2” Deal

After a contentious midterm election season, conservatives and leftists have finally found one thing they can agree on: Amazon’s HQ2 deal to open two new 25,000-person headquarters in New York and outside Washington, D.C. is a bad idea. To recap, Amazon launched its “HQ2” search in October 2017. Declaring that this new headquarters would be a full equal to their original Seattle campus, Amazon opened bids for a single 50,000-person headquarters to places 1) with a population over 1 million, 2) within 30 miles of a city or major population center, 3) within 45 minutes of an international airport, 4)

Alt-Right Racism Is Closer to Planned Parenthood Than Conservatism

The so-called alt-right movement is reprehensible, and legitimate conservatives have denounced it up and down. But the media keeps trying to paint the conservative movement and the alt-right movement as two peas in a pod. It’s simply not true. The principles of conservatism, centered around human rights, dignity, and liberty, are diametrically opposed to the principles of the alt-right, centered around white supremacism and bigotry. For evidence of that, look no further than the infamous video in which alt-right figure Richard Spencer repudiates and denounces the pro-life movement. Writing in The Weekly Standard ahead of an alt-right protest in Washington, D.C., this

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