Clueless Dem Gameplan on Attacking Jeb Bush

Bob Burnett’s HuffPo column on Jeb Bush contains an outline of how Democrats will be attacking the former Florida governor if becomes the GOP nominee. Burnett’s assumption is that just as brother George attempted to hide behind the “compassionate conservative” banner, Jeb will try and fail. Why? Because like his brother, Jeb Bush “is a staunch conservative. He’s not any more compassionate than Dubya was.” Burnett faults Bush for supporting Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, trying to protect Terry Schiavo, opposing Obamacare, passing tax cuts as governor, advocating charter schools, and, in short, being the friend of big business and the enemy

CPAC Drinking Game

American Principles Project, which has taken on a leadership role in advocating for full-spectrum conservatism, has staff members participating in four panels at CPAC this week. At 10 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 25th, Emmett McGroarty (who is one of the principal architects of the Common Core rebellion) will be on the main stage for a Common Core panel. At 2:10 p.m. on Thursday, Terry Schilling, our young and smart executive director, will be speaking about monetary policy and its emerging role in Campaign 2016.  Alfonso Aguilar, a leading voice for common sense, pro-human dignity immigration policy, as well as a voice for Latinos for life, marriage,

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