‘Catholic’ Biden Vows to Force Nuns to Pay for Contraceptives And Abortifacients

After the Little Sisters of the Poor won a major Supreme Court case this week, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, a self-professed Catholic, pledged to take them back to court to try to force them to pay for abortion and contraceptives under a requirement imposed by Obamacare. The Supreme Court this week issued a 7-2 ruling affirming that the Little Sisters and other religious groups cannot be forced to pay for insurance that covers contraceptives and chemical abortifacients if doing so would violate their religious beliefs. In response to the ruling, Biden issued a statement: “As disappointing as the Supreme

A Right to Free Contraception? The Problem with Progressive “Rights”

Linda Greenhouse, writing for The New York Times earlier this month, laments: “On Contraception, It’s Church Over State.” Greenhouse opens with the statement “Saudi women are gaining the right to drive. American women are losing the right to employer-provided birth control.” The problems with her argument begin immediately. Modern rights ideology necessarily proceeds from the false premise of progressivism without regard for the authentic nature of a right. Once something is conceded to progressives — such as a “right to free contraception” — to rescind it violates their ideology. Lost in the ideological steamroll of this particular conversation, however, is the nature