Conservatives, Liberals Unite in Opposition to Amazon’s “HQ2” Deal

After a contentious midterm election season, conservatives and leftists have finally found one thing they can agree on: Amazon’s HQ2 deal to open two new 25,000-person headquarters in New York and outside Washington, D.C. is a bad idea. To recap, Amazon launched its “HQ2” search in October 2017. Declaring that this new headquarters would be a full equal to their original Seattle campus, Amazon opened bids for a single 50,000-person headquarters to places 1) with a population over 1 million, 2) within 30 miles of a city or major population center, 3) within 45 minutes of an international airport, 4)

Big Business and the Administrative State: A Match Made in the Swamp

This article was originally posted at The Hill and co-authored by Jane Robbins, an attorney and senior fellow at the American Principles Project. “The swamp” has become a catch-all term for what’s wrong with Washington. The word — also known as the administrative state — evokes images of arrogant bureaucrats enforcing their preferred policies regardless of the desires of the voters. But a key component of the swamp isn’t housed in the granite jungle of D.C. but in corporate boardrooms across the country. A leftist professor once claimed that “the myth of individual greatness is a myth.” The same could be said of the

Why Is the Government Spending Billions to Help These Big Corporations?

This article is part of a series focusing on Lens of Liberty, a project of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation. Did you know that some of your hard earned tax dollars are being used to fund wealthy corporations like Walmart and Google? Helen Krieble discusses this in her Liberty Minute entitled “Winners and More Winners”: We hear lots of debate about government picking winners and losers, but most Americans don’t realize how extensive taxpayer-funded subsidies really are. A look through the lens of liberty reminds us that the first principle of American democracy is that all men are created equal

Why Is This Brewery Receiving Millions in Taxpayer Dollars?

Recently, liberal New York state assemblyman Anthony Brindisi stirred controversy by claiming that Rochester-based ‘Genesee Brewery’ was using state tax dollars to purchase Chinese fermentation tanks. While Brindisi is outraged that Genesee didn’t ‘Buy American’ when expanding their brewing capacity, the assemblyman’s remarks reveal how clueless he is to the real economic malfeasance at play — the millions of dollars in corporate welfare New York residents are paying to a single company. Genesee Brewery stands to receive $9.5 million from New York taxpayers, provided it meets the Empire State Development Corporation’s development standards. Although the funds won’t be dispersed until