Trump Admin Seizes Thousands Of Illicit Goods Entering U.S. From China

Operation Mega Flex, a Customs and Border Protection initiative aimed at”protecting U.S. businesses and consumers from unfair Chinese trade practices,” has yielded more than 4,200 seizures of illicit goods and 2,400 agriculture violations over the past 15 months. According to Customs and

US Sugar Company Fined For Using Chinese Prison Labor

An American company that imports food sweeteners such as stevia was fined nearly $600,000 by U.S. Customs and Border Protection for using forced labour from Chinese prisons. According to the South China Morning Post: The United States has hailed a milestone in

20,000 Fake IDs Seized In Chicago, Majority Smuggled in From China

Nearly 20,000 counterfeit IDs have been seized by U.S. officials in just six months, with the majority of shipments coming from China. And these boons for criminal activity are being funneled into the notoriously violent Chicago, ostensibly worsening the city’s chart-topping crime