Celebrating the Death Penalty for Pedophile Murderers.

Activists gathered at the risibly renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C. last night, protesting the death penalty for Alfred Bourgeois. Because of course liberals and race-baiters would take the side of a man who sexually tortured and then brutally murdered his own two-year-old child. Bourgeois, 55 at the time of his execution this week, was convicted in 2004 for physically and emotionally torturing, sexually molesting, and beating his daughter to death. CBS reminds us of his grisly actions: …Bourgeois whipped the girl with an electrical cord, burned her feet with a cigarette lighter and hit her in the

Jeb Bush Talks Abortion, Death Penalty on “Meet the Press” (VIDEO)

Governor Jeb Bush talked in depth about his pro-life views during an interview with Chuck Todd on Sunday.  Bush expressed strong misgivings about the death penalty, saying he still supports it but that “it has to be reformed.”  Bush also reiterated his support for “exceptions” in abortion bans for cases like rape and life-threatening complications, but rejected Todd’s call for an ambiguous exception based on “health.”  You can watch the full interview below: CHUCK TODD: In 1996 you told Larry King that you didn’t think Bob Dole should have a litmus tests for cabinet appointments or judicial appointments. That one