I Come to Bury Cruz, Not to Praise Him

“Friends, Republicans, Pulse readers, lend me your ears; “I come to bury Cruz, not to praise him.” Last night, Donald Trump won everywhere. The margins were absolutely staggering: 29 points in Connecticut. 31 points in Maryland. 35 points in Pennsylvania. 39 points in Rhode Island. 40 points in Delaware. He didn’t finish below 55 percent in a single state. These are not margins that can be explained away by geography or demographics. These margins are a symptom of a campaign that has now concluded. Delegates Trump won 109 of 118 pledged delegates available last night, not counting Pennsylvania’s 54 unpledged

I Attended a Trump Rally: Here’s What Went Down

On Friday, I made the trip out to Harrington, Delaware, to attend one of Donald Trump’s rallies as “one of the world’s most dishonest people,” a member of the media. Doors to the event opened at 12 p.m., but when I arrived at 11:30, the line to get in had already snaked around the venue and out into the parking lot. As I made my way past the line to the security checkpoint near the press entrance, I saw people from all walks of life standing in line, with the sun beating down on them. The typical media coverage for these

Donald Trump Wins New York. What Now?

Last night, Donald Trump won New York in emphatic fashion. Not only did he win with more than 60 percent of the vote, but according to current results, he managed to win 90 of 95 delegates in the state, exceeding even the most optimistic of expectations. John Kasich won the other 5 delegates, and Ted Cruz won zero. After several bad nights in a row, Trump is back to being a winner. So will New York help him get to the magic number of 1,237 delegates? Here’s where we stand currently: Pre-New York Delegate Count (via RealClearPolitics): Donald Trump: 756 Ted