New York Times Endorses Hard Left, Lashes Out at Biden, Bloomberg

The New York Times‘ endorsement for the Democratic Primary is historic. It shuns the political class as we’ve known it, and tacks to the hard left on a number of policy issues. This is the most important newspaper on the establishment-left giving two cheers for socialism. Conservatives don’t typically care about newspaper endorsements. Mostly because we rarely ever get them. But for the left the endorsement of the New York Times is the holy grail of campaign hat-tips. In endorsing two candidates, the Gray Lady has admitted there is not one clear stand out in the Democratic field. In endorsing two

“Moderate” Democrats Think Your Tax Dollars Should Fund Their Campaigns

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) are viewed as two of the most moderate candidates in the Democratic 2020 presidential field. After the most recent Democratic debate, this may need to be rethought — as well as if any moderate presidential candidate exists in the Democrats’ bullpen.   During the sixth Democratic primary debate, Biden and Klobuchar offered vociferous endorsements of one of the most radical ideas embrace by the modern Democratic Party — the belief that your tax dollars should fund candidates even if you don’t agree with their beliefs as a matter of conscience. At

Debate Debacle? Biden Pledges to Sacrifice Energy Jobs for “Green” Agenda

During last night’s Democratic presidential debate, front runner Joe Biden took a page out of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 playbook by endorsing mass layoffs for workers in America’s energy sector. Harkening back to the days when Mrs. Clinton called for putting “a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” Biden told debate moderator Tim Alberta that he is ready to layoff blue-collar workers in the oil and gas industry. Biden’s gaffe is made more comical by the fact that Clinton stated her coal remarks were the biggest regret of her 2016 campaign.  It’s hard to imagine this sentiment will

Why Andrew Yang’s “Freedom Dividend” Would Be a Disaster

I’m going to do what the media won’t — talk about Andrew Yang. Despite being “the hottest candidate this side of Elizabeth Warren” right now, Yang was allotted less than 8 minutes of speaking time during last night’s 3-hour Democratic debate, the least of any candidate in the field. This marginalization of Yang follows a week where NBC and CNN omitted him from graphics of the top tier Democratic candidates, which led to “YangMediaBlackout” trending on Twitter. My take on all of this is that the establishment’s attempt to exclude Yang is both deliberate and unfortunate — because it is

Biden’s Debate Comments on the Hyde Amendment Made No Sense

During this week’s Democratic presidential debates, the moderators paid relatively little attention to sanctity of life issues. Instead, they focused on policies like health care, immigration, and foreign policy — issues where there exists some disagreement among the Democrats running for president. That said, on Wednesday night, there was an interesting exchange on the Hyde Amendment between Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Vice President Joe Biden. This exchange revealed that Biden is either unaware of how the Hyde Amendment works or was being deliberately deceptive. Unsurprisingly, Harris sharply criticized Biden for his past support of the Hyde Amendment. She argued that for

Democratic Debate, Round 2: Key Things to Watch

As the Democratic candidates prepare for the second round of presidential debates Tuesday and Wednesday night, here are four key candidates whose economic agendas I’ll be watching for: Joe Biden Biden will likely come out swinging after his last debate performance was broadly criticized for appearing overly tired. On economic issues, I am most looking forward to seeing if he puts forward a more centrist vision than he has thus far in the campaign. While Biden has held back support for Medicare-for-All by continuing to champion Obamacare, he has held the socialist line on tax policy, stating the “first thing”

Santorum: This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Democratic Party

Speaking in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Wednesday, Rick Santorum reacted to the first Democratic debate with amazement at how radical today’s Democratic Party has become. Santorum said he remembers his grandfather had pictures of Jesus, the pope, and John F. Kennedy on the wall in his house. My, how things have changed. “If you watched that debate and looked at some of the moral discussions that were going on there you would be appalled by it,” he said. From the Mason City Globe Gazette: Santorum thought it showed how the Democratic Party ‘is increasingly marginalizing itself by being so far