Lincoln-Named School to Change After Honest Abe Deemed Not BLM-Friendly

A San Francisco school district is planning to rename nearly one-third of its 125 schools named after allegedly controversial figures including Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and Senator Dianne Feinstein. The committee’s rationale for scrapping “Abraham Lincoln High School” in favor of more politically correct nomenclature is because the former president did not demonstrate that “black lives mattered to him”: Lincoln, like the presidents before him and most after, did not show through policy or rhetoric that black lives ever mattered to them outside of human capital and as casualties of wealth building. Lincoln’s policies also “proved to be detrimental to

Democrats Desperately Failing to “Bork” Gorsuch

Faced with an eminently qualified, reasonable, fair, and brilliant judge, Democrats are flailing — and failing — in their desperate attempt to “bork” Judge Neil Gorsuch. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) hit new lows when she attempted to savage Neil Gorsuch for saying he believes “the intentional taking of a human life by private persons is always wrong.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) stripped herself of any pretense to objectivity or fairness with a Boston Globe article before Gorsuch took the stand saying “Gorsuch Does Not Belong on the Supreme Court.” Sen. Christopher Coons (D-Del.) dipped deeply into bigotry by saying the problem