Is a Democrat Civil War Brewing over Abortion?

Some Democratic officials are beginning to realize that if they want to avoid a repetition of their harsh 2016 defeat in the upcoming 2018 midterm campaign cycle, they may need to back down from their unpopular, staunchly pro-abortion platform. The change, which is further dividing the already struggling party, comes just a year after the Democratic Platform Committee approved the party’s new, most abortion-supportive 2016 platform and just a few months after the DNC chairman said that every candidate wishing to run as a Democrat needed to support abortion. On Monday, Representative Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.), chairman of the Democratic

Annoyed Democrats to Hillary Clinton: Please, Just Go Away

Last week, Hillary Clinton infuriated leaders from her own party when she blamed the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for her loss to President Trump. Now, they are telling her she needs to step out of the spotlight. Before Trump was even inaugurated, Clinton began her blame game, which has now lasted over half a year and counting. According to a Fox News list of “everyone and everything Hillary Clinton has blamed her election loss on,” the accused have ranged from misogynists, to Vladimir Putin, to suburban women, to content farms in Macedonia, to Netflix: A list of everyone and everything Hillary

Democrats Go All In on Abortion with New DNC Hire

The Democratic National Committee has just made another move to the left on abortion. Newly-elected DNC Chairman Tom Perez, who recently said that Democratic support for abortion is non-negotiable, has appointed pro-abortion activist Jess O’Connell as its CEO. O’Connell is the executive director of EMILY’s List, a political action committee which raises money specifically for pro-abortion candidates. When Obama took office, pro-lifers in the Democratic Party were marginalized, and now they’ve been all but eliminated. This new appointment gives further evidence that the Democratic Party is firm in its support for abortion on demand, without exceptions, and without apology. As

Nancy Pelosi Explains Why Trump Won … And She’s Right

Last week, DNC Chairman Tom Perez made headlines for a statement suggesting pro-life Democrats ought to be ousted from the party, so that Democrats could maintain a single message. Some responded with outrage, like former pro-life Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak, who said that the chairman should “take a hike” and that he “has no business being the head of our party.” But the real surprise came by way of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to Perez’s mandate. In an interview with The Washington Post, Pelosi directly contradicted Perez’s statement and said not only that the Democratic Party should not have