RINO Governor Ducey Vetoes Bills Banning Critical Race Theory, Mass Vote by Mail.

Arizona Republican (in name only) Governor Doug Ducey has vetoed multiple bills including those banning critical race theory and mass vote by mail. Ducey vetoed 22 bills in total, claiming the people of Arizona “deserve” to have the $12.8 billion proposed budget plan pass, citing tax cuts and new spending on roads contained in the plan. One of the bills vetoed by Ducey was a bill seeking to ban critical race theory “training for government workers.”  Another bill sought to end the sending of “mass mailing voting ballots to voters who don’t request one.” Yet another bill states the attorney

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished — Especially by the Government

This article is part of a series focusing on Lens of Liberty, a project of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation. Helen Krieble’s Liberty Minute titled “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” tells the story of two innocent citizens who ended up having to pay a steep fine when they were just trying to help a friend out: A couple stopped to pick up a carpool friend who wasn’t ready yet. So they decided to drive around the block a few times while they waited. They were pulled over and discovered, with a hefty ticket, that it’s against the law in their