Republicans Must Fight for President Trump… or Be Defeated

This article was posted originally at The Hill. “Is Trump finished?” one of his savviest conservative supporters asked me recently. In other words, will restless Republicans, unable to achieve any legislative victories, turn on the president of the United States? Abandon hope all ye who succumb to this temptation. Turning on Trump is not the first, difficult step to GOP survival; instead, it would be a death blow to conservative resistance and revival in America. The full shock and awe fury of the Left and its media dogs has been unleashed on Trump for one reason: Trump has uncovered the specific

The Democrats’ “Better Deal” Isn’t Even Better Messaging

Despite the media’s nonstop obsession with President Trump and Russia, the biggest political story so far this year remains the unbelievable impotence of the Democratic Party. With a Republican President and a Republican Congress, the Democrats would seem to be in a historically advantageous situation — the President’s party traditionally struggles in midterm elections. But as we have written previously, the “beleaguered” Democratic Party is in bad shape going into 2018. With just two or three genuine pick-up opportunities and more than a dozen seats at risk, the Senate is a virtual lock to stay under GOP control. Meanwhile, the House,

EXCLUSIVE: Jack Posobiec Talks Trump, Twitter, and the “Great Meme War”

(This is part two of our interview with Jack Posobiec. Read part one here.) JON SCHWEPPE: So we’ve heard about the “Great Meme War”. Obviously you were a part of that and developed quite a following — 160,000 followers on Twitter. How did that happen? You basically went from being overseas to being one of the most retweeted people on Trump Twitter. JACK POSOBIEC: So I’d always had a Twitter account, but I didn’t always use it for politics. For most of the time I was in the Navy, I just used it for ‘Game of Thrones.’ Seriously. I was

The Real Steve Bannon Revealed!

A marvelous interview with Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon has suddenly appeared in, no less, The Hollywood Reporter: “Ringside With Steve Bannon at Trump Tower as the President-Elect’s Strategist Plots “An Entirely New Political Movement” (Exclusive).” It is a perfect antidote to the McCarthyite insults being heaped on Bannon by the elitist left and its handmaiden, the mainstream media. Bannon is a provocateur. No sin in that; the left has a plethora of provocateurs. By every account he is an open-minded, generous (albeit demanding) soul. The media’s efforts to smear him are the most shameful application of “Tailgunner Joe,”

Six Lessons from Donald Trump’s Great Victory

Congratulations, President-elect Trump. Congratulations to the historic, never-before-seen governing majority he assembled. It’s time to hope I was wrong and work for President Trump’s success — for America’s success. Here are my first six takeaways from last night’s historic victory: 1.) The RNC’s “Autopsy” from 2012 got it exactly wrong in arguing the key to victory was less social conservatism and more of the standard GOP economic message. One key to Trump’s victory was to combine social conservatism with a new populist economic message. White evangelicals voted for him in record, never-before-seen numbers: 81 percent to 16 percent according to

I Did It. I Voted for Donald Trump. Here’s Why.

Tomorrow is Election Day. Tomorrow, we vote. I want to talk a little bit about why I am voting for Donald Trump. Early on in the GOP primary, I did not support Trump. My feelings on Trump were mixed. I thought his debate performances were entertaining. I enjoyed watching him destroy squishy establishment Republicans like Jeb Bush and John Kasich. Unlike many of my peers, I liked his brash demeanor, and I was captivated by his willingness to fight the liberal media. But I had trust issues, many of which I wrote about here at The Pulse 2016. Was Donald

What to Expect From Trump’s Major Economic Speech

There is a lot of speculation about what Donald Trump will propose in his economic speech today in Detroit. But what makes Trump’s speech unique? What separates Trump’s proposals from the past two GOP nominees? Unlike John McCain or Mitt Romney, Trump’s economic plan will speak primarily to workers and secondarily to businesses. Since 2013, American Principles Project has argued that the corporate-focused economic message of the GOP is a general election loser. Instead of transparently advocating for businesses and business owners, we have argued that the GOP economic message should center on workers and their families and how to address

My Trouble with “Never Trump”

I don’t like Donald Trump for president, but I do like Trump voters. It is the job of the presumptive nominee to unite the party and I am pausing for a few breaths, at least before deciding to go third party. The very thought, though, of uniting behind a independent candidate, as Ben Sasse is urging, exposes my trouble with the Never Trump movement. Any serious third-party effort requires uniting the Cruz and the Kasich factions, and I’m not sure that is either doable or desirable. You see many stories floating around about how Trump’s rise proves that social conservatism