CORTES – Even CNN’s Polling Shows Energized 2022 Voters Are Split on Whether 2020 Was Stolen.

As the new year beckons and the crucial 2022 mid-term elections loom large, it becomes increasingly evident that the smoke has still not cleared from the 2020 presidential election and the controversy over the accuracy of the official results. If anything, recent polling data and the latest 2022 campaign dynamics suggest that the real energy of the Republican Party lies among highly-informed, keenly-motivated citizens who maintain that the November 3rd, 2020 vote was badly marred by irregularities and constitutional violations that anointed Joe Biden as an illegitimate president. Even CNN acknowledges this reality, as expressed by their senior number cruncher

Arizona-Style Audit ‘A Very Real Possibility’ in Pennsylvania.

A forensic audit of the 2020 election in Pennsylvania, in the style of the Arizona audit, is now a “very real possibility.” State Senator David Argall, a Republican who heads a committee that oversees Pennsylvania elections, told the local Capital-Star there is a “very real possibility” Pennsylvania will be doing a forensic audit of the 2020 election results. According to the report, Argall also said he is currently considering “subpoenas for ballot information and which jurisdictions to send them.” After meeting with individuals who support the audit, Argall told the Capital-Star about the meeting, “There are a lot of things

Woman Accused of Election Fraud Faces Additional Charges From Cherokee Nation AG.

The Attorney General of the Cherokee Nation has filed new charges against an Oklahoma election campaign volunteer already accused of election fraud in a race for Cherokee Council. Lisa Cookson is now facing an additional five charges of “false personation” after the Cherokee Nation AG’s filing against her in tribal court. Cookson volunteered for the campaign of Bobby Slover, a candidate for District 2 Tribal Council in the June 5, 2021, general election of the Cherokee Nation. A Cherokee Nation news release stated that Cookson’s election fraud occurred between January and April 2021. Cookson “allegedly prepared, altered and signed more

Democrat Impeachment Lead Admits Using National Guard to Compel Trump into Election Concession.

Ted Lieu said the quiet part out loud, and perhaps has done more damage to the entire Democratic Party case to impeach President Trump than any other of his fellow impeachment managers. Speaking on the floor of the Senate today, Lieu shockingly admitted: [Trump] does not say that one sentence that matters. He does not say the one sentence that would stop future political violence: ‘the election was not stolen’. He still has not said that sentence. That is why National Guard troops in full body armor still patrol outside. This is a leading Democrat impeachment manager admitting to the

BOMBSHELL: Arizona Senate Resolution Threatens Arrest of Maricopa County Board for Failure to Adhere to Subpoena for Election Equipment & Ballots.

The Arizona Senate is set to pass a contempt resolution finding that the Maricopa County Board has failed to comply with a subpoena demanding access to elections equipment and ballots cast in the November election, with the potential threat of arrest alluded to in the sure-to-pass resolution. The Associated Press reported Wednesday: The Senate introduced the resolution Wednesday afternoon. Timing on a full Senate vote is unclear, but all 16 Republican senators are listed as sponsors, meaning it is virtually certain to pass. If the resolution is enacted, the five members of the county board could be arrested for failing

CORTES: Trump Can Turn the Impeachment on the Insiders and Put Congress on ‘Trial’.

As former President Trump faces the second sham impeachment effort of Speaker Nancy Pelosi in just over a year, opportunity arises, both for him and for the America First movement. Within this shameful political charade, the overreaching Democrats included accusations that allow for Team Trump to make a robust case before the nation about the material problems that mar the November 3rd presidential vote, in a forum of unparalleled prominence and reach. If Trump dives headlong into this challenge with courage, imagination, and the charisma that only he can command, then he will transcend the absurdity of this tribunal, crystallize