EXC: State Dept Gives 3-YEAR Response Time When Asked For Details About Biden-Xi Private Meetings

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden once boasted of having 25 hours of private meetings with Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, a massive figure allegedly brought to his attention by the U.S. State Department. When asked for details of the meetings, the State Department gave The National Pulse a whopping three year time frame for a response. The National Pulse submitted a Freedom of Information Act request in May 2020, in order to obtain the relevant documents. We were informed the estimated date of completion for the request would be April 5th, 2023 – over three years into a potential


Chinese State Media Gloats: Biden’s ‘Worldview Runs Parallel To Beijing’s’

A Chinese state-run media outlet revealed it believes that Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s “worldview runs parallel to Beijing’s,” suggesting the candidate would be less “confrontational” and open to “reconciling” with the Chinese Communist Party. The article, “China’s Place in a Biden Presidency,” recently ran in China Global Television Network (CGTN), a mouthpiece for the views of the Chinese Communist Party. It confirms a recent U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) report concluding the Chinese Communist Party “prefers” Biden over President Trump in the upcoming election. The nearly 800-word piece insisted that Biden’s worldview “runs parallel to Beijing’s”: “It is against


EXCLUSIVE: So-Called Bipartisan ‘Transition Integrity Project’ Founder Sent THOUSANDS To Biden Campaign

Rosa Brooks – founder of the Transition Integrity Project which purports to be a bipartisan force stopping President Trump from “stealing” the 2020 election – has funneled over $5,000 to Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign, according to Federal Election Commission records.  The Transition Integrity Project purports to be a neutral force but, in reality, the initiative is replete with fervent Never Trumpers and hard leftists. Not a single Trump-supporting Republican has been identified as a member. The project “war-gamed” election outcomes where Biden, played by John Podesta, refused to concede the election. And this revelation – donations between September

REVEALED: Soros’s Election Coup Playbook Demanding America Abandons Constitutional Norms And Prepares for A ‘Street Fight’

The National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam has outlined the radical, anti-democratic tactics the Transition Integrity Project is deploying to secure a fraudulent victory for Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden in the 2020 election. The Transition Integrity Project, which purports to be bipartisan, is run by individuals linked to leftist mega-donor George Soros and the Chinese Communist Party-affiliated Berggruen Institute. Their full playbook, with annotations, is embedded below. WATCH:  https://www.facebook.com/raheemkassam/posts/1487582038117792 On August 3rd The National Pulse published an article which explained an impending attempt to delegitimize the election coming from the far left and their corporate backers. George Soros, the Berggruen Institute,


REVEALED: ‘Non-Partisan’ Transition Integrity Project Founder Dined With Soros And Biden Campaign Advisers, Offered ‘Substantive Help’

In a damning blow to the Transition Integrity Project’s facade of bipartisanship and neutrality, an unearthed email reveals founder Rosa Brooks’s close ties to globalist megadonor George Soros, Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta, and former National Security Adviser to Joe Biden Jake Sullivan, The National Pulse can reveal. While the Transition Integrity Project – which purports to thwart President Trump’s refusal to concede the election if Biden wins – claims to not undermine President Trump’s candidacy, an email from May 13th 2015 highlights its founder’s deep ties to Biden-linked, Democratic party heavyweights. READ ABOUT THE TRANSITION INTEGRITY PROJECT, HERE.

WARNING: Democrat Data Firm Admits ‘Incredible’ Trump Landslide Will Be Flipped By Mail-In Votes Emerging A Week After Election Day

A top Democratic data analytics firm has confirmed National Pulse exclusive reporting, claiming it believes President Trump will win on election night but in the following days mail-in ballots will trickle in to reverse the victory in favor of Biden. The admission, divulged by the company’s CEO Josh Mendelsohn in an interview with Axios, confirms predictions made by Brexit architect Nigel Farage and The National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam on the outlet’s newly-launched TV show. It also follows Hillary Clinton telling Biden “don’t concede,” irrespective of the election outcome. ‘A MIRAGE’ Hawkfish – a “data analytics agency founded by Michael

Beware the Russian Disinformation Trope.

Last week, the DOJ declassified three footnotes in the Inspector General’s FISA report. They showed the FBI knew Christopher Steele had associations with shady Russian oligarchs and that somebody — whose identity is redacted — suggested in 2017 that parts of the dossier may have included Russian disinformation. Some responded as if the footnotes revealed Vladimir Putin and not an FBI-CIA-Clinton conspiracy was responsible for the ridiculous machinations of Russiagate. National Review editor Rich Lowry was especially over-the-top, even managing by passive-aggressive link to turn the disclosures into a criticism of President Trump: In other words, the Kremlin may have

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