How a Rural Small Town Is Standing Up to Big Government

Imagine if the government sent you a letter saying, “We intend to take your house, demolish it, and build a chain restaurant.” In rural western Maryland, there’s a memorable little town called Cumberland. Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, the town was a gateway to the west in early American history and was once Maryland’s second largest city. It’s now quite literally split in half by Interstate 68, which runs right through downtown on a large bridge. Anyone who’s taken I-68 will remember passing through and watching the speed limit drop from 70 to 40. Driving through Cumberland last week, I

Fiorina Attacks Trump’s “Crony Capitalism”

In a radio interview Thursday, Carly Fiorina called out presidential rival Donald Trump for his past actions on eminent domain and his support of Kelo vs. City of New London, a decision that drastically expanded the government’s ability to seize property. Fiorina called the decision a blatant case of “crony capitalism” and highlighted it as an example of where courts should have practiced judicial engagement instead of restraint. I think Donald Trump, among others, has engaged in crony capitalism in its most raw and abusive form. When commercial interests get together with government to take away private property for their