Ocasio-Cortez Gives Embarrassing Response to “Eat the Children” Agitator

Last Friday, an activist interrupted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) town hall event, provoking mixed feelings of amusement and horror across the internet. Channeling the Bronx congresswoman’s penchant for generating controversy with eccentric claims about climate change — such as her suggestions that prehistoric viruses will inundate the face of the earth as glaciers melt and that Miami will soon become a latter-day Atlantis — the disruptor proclaimed that Americans need to begin eating human infants to prevent a climate catastrophe. Lately, climate-frenzied youths have formed a movement they call “#NoFutureNoChildren.” Spurred on by overpopulation conspiracies and raging pubescent eco-nihilism, Generation Z-ers

Greta Thunberg and the Rise of “Eco-Anxiety”

When I was a kid, my siblings pranked me by telling me there was a man living under the basement stairs. Anyone who would secretly live under the basement stairs had to be there for only one reason: to murder me. They probably only told me about a serial killer in the basement one time, but it stuck.  Now imagine being told on a daily basis you’re going to die in twelve years. That’s exactly what the Greta Thunbergs of the world have been listening to for as long as any of them can remember, and they are arguably one of the most

An ‘America First’ Mining Policy Would Counter Russia, China

The Trump White House has poured much energy into making America more economically competitive with China. Yet while much of these efforts have been directed at changing China’s domestic policies from abroad, one secret for improving American competitiveness is lying right under our feet: harnessing America’s mineral resources. A new report authored by Dr. Ned Mamula, a geologist and author (along with Ann Bridges) of the book Groundbreaking! America’s New Quest for Mineral Independence, makes the compelling case for an ‘America First’ mining policy to strengthen America’s economic and national security interests. The report notes that while America led the world

Radical Environmentalists Suffer Big Losses in 2018 Midterm Votes

With the dust mostly settled from the midterm elections (minus ongoing attempts to steal votes in Florida), Democrats are celebrating their victory in reclaiming the House of Representatives, and Republicans are taking solace in the fact that Mitch McConnell’s judge-confirming-juggernaut factory just increased the size of its infantry. So while on the national stage it seems neither side can claim a decisive victory, rest assured, there was one conclusive loser on election night — the environmental fringe. The drubbing liberal environmentalists received during the midterms was so significant that even the liberal news organization Vox conceded that Big Green couldn’t muster

Jail Time for Lawn Mowing? When Environmental Laws Go Too Far…

This article is part of a series focusing on Lens of Liberty, a project of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation. While it is true that we ought to take reasonable measures to minimize pollution and make the most of the earth’s natural resources, legislation designed to protect the environment oftentimes goes too far by sacrificing personal freedom in an attempt to satisfy environmental lobbyists. In her Liberty Minute entitled “Mow the Lawn, Go to Jail,” Helen Krieble talks about one such law which threatens homeowners with jail time for simply mowing their own lawns: If you trim the trees, mow