Rubio Talks Immigration, But Not Marriage or FADA, in Iowa

This past Saturday, Senator Marco Rubio spoke at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa, where he began by explaining how he believes the United States should be handling the issue of immigration. With regards to border security, E-Verify, and those who overstay their work visas, Rubio’s comments largely reflect APIA’s 5-Point Conservative Immigration Plan: There are two steps. The first is we have to secure our borders. And our border is not just our border with Mexico. We also have to secure our airports and seaports. 40% of people in this country illegally, come legally. We have no idea who they are,

Cruz: Defends Life, Fails to Defend FADA

This past Saturday, at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa, Texas Senator Ted Cruz firmly spoke out against Planned Parenthood, over recent allegations that the organization profits from the sale of tissue taken from aborted fetuses: The video that surfaced in the past week…was gruesome and disgusting, and every American should watch that video and simply say: ‘Are those my values?’ Cruz continued: The U.S. Department of Justice should open an investigation and prosecute Planned Parenthood. Local prosecutors should investigate Planned Parenthood affiliates in their jurisdictions, and Congress should hold hearings, and we should cut off every penny of taxpayer

Walker Fails to Endorse FADA, Stands Strong for Life

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker joined several other candidates in attending the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa on Saturday for a rigorous Q&A session on his views.  First, Walker was asked about his commitment to defending marriage, a discussion which branched into the need to protect religious freedom: I believe that we should support a constitutional amendment to allow states to define marriage as being whatever they see fit.   In my state and many other states, what we did was one man and one woman, and I think we should put that in place and I support that. Another thing that