Media Matters Director Admits Running Scams, Wants To “Kill All Men”.

Audrey Bowler, a Social Media Manager at left-wing outlet Media Matters, has shared a litany of anti-male tweets, including declarations of her “love” for “scamming men” and “when men die in movies” along with designing a state seal with “kill all men as the motto.” Bowler, who’s worked at the far-left, Soros-funded group since 2018, is the latest Media Matters employee to be exposed by The National Pulse. Her Twitter account contains a host of derogatory and violent remarks directed towards men. Bowler, for example, insisted she was “getting the state seal done with “kill all men as the motto”

UN: Coronavirus Presents ‘Opportunity To Unstereotype Gender Roles’

The UN is using the coronavirus to push its feminist agenda – disguised as “gender equality” – despite men constituting the overwhelming majority of virus-related deaths. The body is seizing the global pandemic as “a great opportunity to “unstereotype” the gender roles that play out in households” in its new “Gender Equality in the Time of COVID-19” report. The report is chock full of gender-based, identity politics, and claims that “pandemics make existing inequalities for women and girls worse.” This follows the UN’s request for “decision makers to slow down” as an “effective countermeasure to unconscious bias” per the advice

Could 2019 Mark the End of the Women’s March?

Since its creation in 2017, the ‘Women’s March’ has evolved into a series of annual events across the country and a movement that enshrines pro-abortion, anti-family, and anti-women policies. However, with discord among the movement becoming public, a question is increasingly being raised: Is the future of the Women’s March crumbling? The Women’s March On Washington was inaugurated on January 21, 2017. What started primarily as a protest of President Trump’s election has now grown into an annual march with spin-off events nationwide; 2019 events will occur on January 19. As stated on their website, the mission of this movement

Democrat Pollster Admits There’s No Gender Divide on Abortion

A common narrative Americans typically get from the media has been that women are vehemently more pro-abortion than men. However, Democrat pollster Celinda Lake has recently come forward to suggest this line of thinking may not be true. Lake, president of Lake Research, spoke with Joe Concha on Hill TV’s “What America’s Thinking” earlier this week, where she stated, “Women are much less likely to be pro-choice.” She went on to explain that women are also more likely to be religious than men, which results in less support for abortion. A 2016 study done by The Marist Poll surveyed almost

Pro-Life Women Represent the True Ideals of Feminism

CNN recently published a commentary piece titled “Open your eyes, pro-life feminists are everywhere.” Written by pro-life advocate Helen Alvaré, the piece is designed to wake people up the reality that America is full of pro-life feminists. While accurate, the commentary also paints a problematic picture of what feminism has become and how far it has fallen. Feminism, although it has shifted and changed throughout the years, has traditionally been pro-life. Women like Mattie Brinkerhoff, Victoria Woodhull, and Susan B. Anthony were leaders of the first-wave feminist movement, and were outspokenly pro-life. For example, Woodhull once stated: Men must no

The Real Fix to School Shootings: Bring Back the Missing Fathers

This article began as a discussion of the effects of fatherlessness on our education system. But then, before the ideas had even taken shape, Nikolas Cruz walked into a school in Parkland, Fla., and killed 17 students and faculty. Cruz wasn’t targeting specific people. His actions were nothing more than random violence perpetrated for reasons about which we can only speculate, but the usual squabble over guns and gun rights is in full-blown talking-point mode. What’s obvious, though, is that things are going horribly wrong for children in our society, and unless we are willing to talk about the root

The Radical Feminists and the Beasts They Created

It was amidst the cultural upheaval of the 1960s that “radical feminism” was born. These women were seeking liberation from patriarchy — a system where males held primary power — and among them was a woman named Kate Millet, the first president of the National Organization of Women. At one of their early organizational meetings, the women called for a cultural revolution that would destroy the American family by destroying monogamy and the patriarchy. When asked how they would accomplish this, they answered: by promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality. And they succeeded. Today’s America is a snapshot of just

How Hollywood Feminists Enabled a Predator

Let me be completely clear: if Harvey Weinstein is guilty of the sexual harassment, assault, and rape claims currently making headlines, he is a pig, a predator, and a criminal. His dirty little secrets should — if everything plays out the way it appears to be playing out — guarantee him some time in an orange jumpsuit. Also, this piece is in no way an attempt to blame the victims who were subjected to Weinstein’s licentious, destructive behavior. But (unfortunately, there’s a “but”) Weinstein’s aren’t the only dirty little secrets percolating to the surface as this melodrama unfolds. There’s also

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