Trump Reaffirms Support for FADA, Conscience Protection Act, a prominent Catholic issues organization, yesterday published a letter they received from Donald Trump which indicates an increased commitment to religious liberty from the Republican presidential nominee. As he did in the letter his campaign sent to the American Principles Project last December, Trump discussed the importance of freedom of religion and reiterated his support for the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), which would prevent government discrimination against individuals and organizations which hold traditional views on marriage. In his letter to CatholicVote, Trump also added that he would press for the passage of the Conscience Protection Act, a bill

Will Mike Pence Defend Religious Liberty at Tonight’s VP Debate?

With 2016’s first and only vice presidential debate set to take place tonight, speculation has been building as to what topics will be covered once Mike Pence and Tim Kaine take the stage. While recent campaign controversies will certainly draw the headlines, it’s possible that some policy areas ignored in the first presidential debate, such as religious liberty, may make an appearance as well. In fact, some on the left, such as the progressive Media Matters for America, are even advocating for debate moderators to query Pence on his religious liberty views, particularly given his involvement in Indiana’s RFRA controversy

Are Donald Trump and Republicans Getting Serious About Religious Liberty?

Since beginning his 2016 presidential run last year, Donald Trump has not always appeared to have the strongest grasp on the issue of religious liberty. However, if his recent actions are any indication, that may be quickly changing. Most noteworthy was a statement Trump released last week vowing to defend religious freedom as president and, particularly, to sign the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), backing up a pledge he made last December in a letter to the American Principles Project: Religious liberty is enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution. It is our first liberty and provides the most

Good News, Everyone: America Has Not Totally Embraced the Totalitarian Left

Pew Research Center released a poll on Wednesday that surveys American attitudes on religious freedom and “gender identity,” and the results were generally encouraging — 48 percent of Americans support the principles behind the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), and 46 percent of Americans believe biological men do not belong in women’s bathrooms.   Given the left-leaning wording of the questions, the results become even more pronounced. Look at how the pro-religious freedom position is worded: Businesses that provide wedding services should be… able to refuse to provide those services to same-sex couples if the business owner has religious objections to homosexuality.

Trump Can Destroy Hillary Tonight By Exposing Her Radical Beliefs on Religious Freedom

Donald Trump has an incredible opportunity tonight. With momentum on his side, and with critical swing states shifting in his direction, he has the ability to convince millions of undecided voters to support him. The best way he can do that is by exposing Hillary Clinton’s extreme positions. Voters are generally aware of her corruption and her involvement in dozens of scandals. They understand intuitively that she is not trustworthy. But do they know about her support for radical leftist policies that would make Che Guevara blush? In a speech in April 2015, Clinton told a feminist audience, “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious

Mike Pence Shouldn’t Lecture Conservatives on Religious Liberty

Earlier this year, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal drew criticism from conservatives for vetoing religious liberty legislation that would protect dissenters’ right to freely exercise their religion. Now, Indiana governor and Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence is trying to give frustrated Georgians advice on how to address religious liberty questions. “The lessons that we learned in the state of Indiana is that the American people abhor discrimination – we don’t support discrimination against anyone,” Pence said. “But at the end of the day it’s important that whenever our rights come into conflict, that the courts are the proper place to

Social Conservative Group Withdraws Support for FADA

FRC Action, the 501(c)(4) affiliate of the socially conservative Family Research Council, withdrew support from the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) in response to an amendment to the bill acknowledging a diversity of views on the definition of marriage. “Unfortunately, the proposed language of FADA was changed late last week by bill sponsors in response to criticism to make it protect the view that marriage is the union of ‘two individuals of the same sex’ as well as the view that it is ‘two individuals of the opposite sex,’” FRC Action said in a statement. FRC Action also claimed that the

What Opponents of FADA Don’t Understand

The First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), introduced by Tea Party stalwarts Raul Labrador in the House and Mike Lee in the Senate, is aimed at strengthening protections for religious groups in the face of an encroaching executive branch. Although introduced in the House last year, FADA finally received a hearing yesterday, with Labrador and Lee testifying in its favor along with three other witnesses. However, not everyone on Capitol Hill is pleased with this proposed legislation. Three Democratic witnesses at yesterday’s hearing testified against the bill, arguing that FADA would undermine the rights of LGBT people and that the First

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