Rick Santorum Is a Champion on Marriage

From National Review: As he stepped on the stage at the National Organization for Marriage gala and under the spotlight, with the cameras rolling, Rick Santorum pushed back against the GOP candidates — from Kasich to Christie to Graham — who say it’s time to move on. “When people tell me it’s time to move on, when I hear presidential candidates saying that, here’s what I say to them: Why do you want to be president?” To those who say we should calm down and wait and see how bad it is, Santorum had this answer: “Ask Brendan Eich whether

ACLU Goes After Jindal For Protecting Believers

Just a few days after formally announcing it now opposes religious liberty, the ACLU announced a lawsuit going after Gov. Bobby Jindal for signing an executive order protecting conscience rights for traditional believers on the marriage question: The ACLU argues that Jindal’s action amounts to executive overreach that privileges those who share his opposition to same-sex marriage. …The suit echoes accusations that the executive order sanctions discrimination and warns that businesses would be allowed to refuse services to same-sex couples. It also specifically pans Jindal for allegedly making the issue political, noting his presidential ambitions. “It has not gone unnoticed

What I Want GOP Candidates to Say About Marriage

From National Review: Here is what I think the man or woman who wants to be president cannot say: any version of “the Court has ruled, it’s time to move on.” Here is what I want to hear: “Today the Supreme Court ruled against our history and traditions that marriage must change its timeless and time-honored meaning in response to the latest liberal pressures. The Supreme Court is not God, and it is not the final word in our American Constitutional system: The Court, like all human things, sometimes get things wrong. It was wrong about slavery with Dred Scott.

Rick Perry’s Strategic Mistake

Rick Perry is telling RealClearPolitics (no MSM source) he is downplaying “religious” issues this election cycle, unlike the last one, to focus his attention elsewhere, explaining why religion never came up in his Faith and Freedom speech last week. (Hat tip: Newsmax). Perry says his record is “very clear” and that “[t]here’s nothing that’s changed in my belief cycle.” But rather than focusing on changing a gay marriage ruling, he’s going to remind voters “the next president of the United States could appoint up to three people to the Supreme Court.” In the Social Conservative Insider Poll (consisting of 25 major

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