Poll: Rubio Fades in Florida

Sen. Marco Rubio’s essentially aspirational and biographical campaign for the presidency is not playing well with home state voters, according to a new Mason-Dixon poll.  Three months ago, Rubio and Bush were tied 31 to 30 percent among registered GOP voters.. But now, Bush support remains essentially unchanged at 28 percent (within the margin of error), while Rubio’s has faded to 16 percent, barely ahead of a surging Scott Walker. Trump is fourth at 11 percent, well below his national averages.  Either Floridians don’t like fighting billionaires, or they don’t like angry billionaires who deferred military service yet imply prisoners

Florida News Roundup of Candidates on Common Core

With Common Core fast becoming a toxic issue, candidates’ statements on Common Core are undergoing a constant metamorphosis.  A reporter for Sunshine State News recently tried to pin down what the presidential hopefuls are saying on national standards, a brief summary is below: Jeb Bush: Changing Tone, But Not Backtracking Initially, Bush was very upfront about his support for the national education standards, even going so far as to dismiss critics of the standards, saying they offered no real solutions. But now, as Bush creeps closer and closer to a potential face-off for president, his approach toward Common Core has

New Florida Poll Shows a Drop in Walker’s Numbers

In a Saint Leo University poll of Florida voters, released today, Scott Walker registered 10 percent support, which is significant drop from the 17 percent he had in the PPP poll that I covered earlier this week.  In that PPP poll, Walker was in second place between Bush and Rubio, and this seven point discrepancy puts Walker behind Rubio in this poll. The full results were as follows: Jeb Bush: 31% Marco Rubio: 16% Scott Walker: 10% Ben Carson: 9% Rand Paul: 7% Unsure: 6% Chris Christie: 5% Ted Cruz: 4% Rick Perry: 4% Mike Huckabee: 4% Bobby Jindal: 1% Bob

Recent Florida Poll Doesn’t Look Good for State’s Favorite Sons

The Democrat-aligned Public Policy Polling group released the results of a poll of Florida voters earlier this week.  When Republican respondents were asked who they would support in the GOP primary, the results were as follows: Jeb Bush: 25% Scott Walker: 17% Marco Rubio: 15% Ben Carson: 12% Mike Huckabee: 7% Ted Cruz: 6% Chris Christie: 4% Rand Paul: 4% Rick Perry: 3% However, more interesting than the overall results was the voter response to the question: “Do you think Jeb Bush should run for President, or not?” Thirty-seven percent of those asked said that Jeb should run for President, while 52

Does a Ted Cruz Candidacy Create Problems for Bush, Rubio?

Yesterday, Alex Leary wrote a piece for the Tampa Bay Times as part of their aptly named “Jebio 2016” coverage. Their “Jebio” coverage is a Florida-centric look at the 2016 primaries in the sense that it focuses on Florida’s two favorite sons in the race, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Leary writes: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s entry into the Republican primary for president could bring headaches for two likely rivals from Florida, Sen. Marco Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush. For Bush, Cruz will draw even more attention to Common Core, the education standards that have become a flash point

New South Carolina and Florida Polls Show Walker and Bush Neck and Neck

Gravis Marketing released two polls this week, collected February 24 and 25, one in Florida and one in South Carolina.  They both show Jeb Bush and Scott Walker neck and neck, with each collecting a bit more than 20 percent of the vote in Florida and just a bit less than 20 percent in South Carolina. Bush is a nose in front in both. In Florida, Marco Rubio (11 percent) and Mike Huckabee (10 percent) are the only ones to break double digits.  In South Carolina, Sen. Lindsey Graham is just 7 points behind Bush at 12 percent, with Ben Carson

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