Rubio Pivots to Take Aim at Cruz

With 55 days remaining until the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucus begins to help sort out front-runners from also-rans, Senator Marco Rubio has signaled a significant shift in his campaign approach and begun trading paint with the now-surging Senator Ted Cruz. A Sunday, December 6, New


Fiorina, Rubio Impress at Second GOP Debate

Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate — a three-hour marathon with 11 candidates — was quite a show. Preliminary numbers suggest that 20 million people tuned in. Prior to last night, CNN’s highest rated presidential primary debate featured Obama and Clinton battling it out


The One Other Fab Fiorina Moment

Mary, those were great, but don’t forget Fiorina’s comments on Vladimir Putin. Fiorina did two things in her remarks on Putin.  First, she showed that Donald Trump provided little substance in his answer about Putin.  He basically said, “I’ll get along with him.