FAR OUT! How Paul Krugman Finally Got His “Alien Invasion” Stimulus Package

Government waste and abuse was on full display this week when Politico discovered the existence of a secret Pentagon slush fund dedicated to investigating UFOs. As it turns out, the program was started at the behest of former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and most of the $22 million it spent over the course of its three-year existence went to billionaire entrepreneur Robert Bigelow. To his credit, when confronted by reporters, Reid proudly owned up to his role in creating this X-Files program. He even acknowledged that “Bigelow inspired his own interest in UFOs” — though Politico additionally notes that “Bigelow was

Democrats Threaten Americans’ Liberty with Attack on Due Process Rights

This article is part of a series focusing on Lens of Liberty, a project of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation. While the Democratic Party continues to fight for faux rights like the “right to receive a free college education,” “right to have one’s abortion paid for with tax dollars,” and “right to force Christians to take part in a same-sex marriage,” it is simultaneously continuing its relentless assault on authentic constitutional rights. In her Liberty Minute titled “That Pesky Due Process,” Helen Krieble rebukes certain lawmakers who, though well-intentioned in their desire to reduce mass shootings, lack any appreciation for

Why I Wish Republicans Were More Like Harry Reid

I really wish Republicans were more like outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. In a wide-ranging interview with Talking Points Memo, a left-wing news outlet, Reid (D-Nev.) proudly declared that he is setting the stage for the Democrats to eliminate the 60-vote filibuster rule should they win control of the Senate in November, allowing for the confirmation of Supreme Court justices with a simple majority: Envisioning Hillary Clinton in the White House and Democrats controlling the Senate, Reid warned that if a Senate Republican minority block her Supreme Court nominee, he is confident the party won’t hesitate to change the

Democrats Obstruct Zika Funding Bill, Blame GOP for Obstructionism

For nearly three months now, Congress has been unable to pass a bill funding the fight against the Zika epidemic. This is not because no such bill exists; the House passed one in June which would provide $1.1 billion in funding to combat the virus’ spread. Senate Democrats have blocked the bill, however, for the simple reason that none of the funds would go to Profamilias, the Puerto Rican wing of Planned Parenthood. That’s all. The bill does not remove any funding from the group. In fact, it doesn’t do anything to impact their bottom line at all, which seems