Will Bureaucrats Thwart President Trump’s Efforts to End Obamacare?

Back in October, President Trump issued an executive order to give Americans a critical escape hatch from Obamacare’s soaring premiums and dwindling insurance options. Now, this same executive order faces significant risk of being watered-down by the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) regulatory swamp. The anchor of President Trump’s health care executive order was a provision allowing consumers to purchase (and renew) short-term limited-duration health insurance (STLD) plans. These plans provide consumers with an affordable health care option because they are exempt from Obamacare’s laundry-list of regulations and coverage requirements. It is because these plans are so affordable that

Congress Explodes Deficit, Expands Nanny State Programs with Budget Deal

Despite courageous efforts by Senator Rand Paul, other fiscally conservative senators, and the House Freedom Caucus, as well as the objections of pro-amnesty Democrat members in both chambers, Congress passed a two-year budget deal early this morning that ballooned spending by $300 billion over the next two years, significantly enlarging the deficit. The bill also ended the military and domestic sequester and raised the debt ceiling by $1 trillion. The Senate vote was 71-28, while the House vote was 240-186. The government is now funded through March 23rd, which will give the Congress time to write out a detailed budget

“Abortion Is…”? Abortion Facility, Pro-Lifers Launch Dueling Billboards in Ohio

If you were asked about what abortion is, how would you answer? Pro-lifers around the country would likely answer in unison, “Abortion is murder.” However, an abortion facility in Cleveland recently decided to launch a billboard campaign that gave their alternate version of the truth. “Abortion is sacred.” “Abortion is a blessing.” “Abortion is necessary.” “Abortion is a family value.” “Abortion is gender equality.” These are just a few of the messages that went up on 16 different billboards around the city. The “Abortion Is” campaign, run by Preterm, predominantly targets black neighborhoods in Cleveland, with 79 percent of the

Has the GOP Given Up on Repealing Obamacare?

Never content to let a good week go by without botching something, several Senate Republicans admitted to a Politico reporter that they’ve surrendered on repealing Obamacare. And what a great week it had been for the GOP: the enduring image being Democrats at the State of the Union sitting on their hands looking like — in the words of Brit Hume — “their dogs just died” while President Trump was lauding record lows in unemployment, making strong appeals to patriotism, and showing in the process how petty, petulant, and radical the Democrats have become. Then another Kennedy was trotted out to hit

Proposed Obamacare Bailout Would Betray the Pro-Life Movement

Liberal Republicans are reportedly plotting to ally with Democrats to bail out Obamacare — and to make matters worse, they’re doubling down on Obamacare’s worst excesses. The possible bailout, most commonly known as Alexander-Murray — named after Senators Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.), who have worked on the bill — would resume the subsidies the Obama administration illegally paid to insurance companies to help them stay in the marketplaces. President Trump rightfully ended those illegal subsidies earlier this year, arguing that if Congress wanted to continue paying them, they should appropriate the money. Obamacare is in a death

Are Food and Water No Longer “Basic Care”? A Disturbing New Trend in Medicine

Bobby Schindler, brother of the late Terri Schiavo who was starved to death by a hospital under court order in 2005, says there is a legal reality that should send shivers down all our spines. According to Schindler, “it is presently legal in every state deliberately to bring about the end of a patient’s life by denying a nonterminal person food and water.” This is based on a precedent set by the Supreme Court in a 1986 case, where they declared that giving food and water to a patient is classified as “medical treatment” — not the most basic of necessities. Earlier

Planned Parenthood’s Latest Lawsuit Reveals Lack of Concern for Women’s Health

Time and time again, whenever Planned Parenthood is faced with a safety regulation it considers burdensome, it sues the government, arguing that the regulation imposes an “undue burden” on women seeking abortions. The abortion giant’s latest lawsuit should evoke deep concern from their patients and anyone else who cares about women’s health and safety. The new federal lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood on Monday in Missouri aims at blocking a provision of the state’s Senate Bill 5, which requires those who provide medication abortions to contract with an OB-GYN who has admitting privileges at a hospital and will be able

Trump’s Obamacare Order Was an Attack on Big Insurance, Not the Poor

When Bernie Sanders was on the presidential campaign trail, he famously lambasted the Democratic Party for “often” supporting corporate welfare. Bernie Sanders surely knows this to be true — as this last week has revealed the extreme lengths that Democrats, including himself, will go to defend the most egregious corporate handouts in America. After the health insurance lobby rammed through the passage of Obamacare (and forced millions of Americans to buy their product or face punishment), these same companies began to suffer heavy losses in Obamacare insurance markets. No surprise there, as Obamacare virtually outlawed their ability to price ‘risk,’

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