Court: Non-Religious Pro-Life Center Must Pay for Abortions under Obamacare

In a defeat for the pro-life movement and pro-life centers everywhere, the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ruled this week that a secular pregnancy center must comply with the Obamacare mandate that requires organizations to pay for drugs that cause abortions. Real Alternatives, a pro-life organization based out of Pennsylvania, filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration in regard to this mandate. The group provides abortion alternatives in Pennsylvania and elsewhere and, though a secular organization, sought to protect themselves from this mandate under religious exemption due to their moral opposition to abortion. The three-judge panel, however,

PredictIt Plays of the Week: Healthcare Is Back, and the GOP House Will Be Too

A couple weeks ago, when The National Pulse began this PredictIt-centric column, I promised that the healthcare bill had no chance of passing the Senate by July 31: This contract specifically states that the Better Care Reconciliation Act — i.e. the Obamacare repeal and replace bill — has to pass the Senate by July 31 for it to resolve to YES. Everything I’ve read and heard from Capitol Hill indicates that the 50 votes needed to pass this through the Senate simply aren’t there. With NO shares at 89 cents currently, we’re looking at a 12.3 percent gain in just

What’s Wrong with “Single-Payer”? Just Ask Charlie Gard’s Parents

Overshadowed this week by Senate Republicans’ continued attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) let loose on Sunday that Democrats’ alternative solutions on healthcare could include an option long rumored to be on the progressive agenda. “Single-payer is on the table,” Schumer told the host of ABC’s “This Week,” hinting at a possible Democrat platform item should the GOP fail in its long-promised attempt to reform the US healthcare system. This should terrify Americans. Not only does a single-payer option hand more power to the federal bureaucracy, inevitably resulting in higher prices and lower quality of

Texas Legislators Take Pro-Life Stand, Pass More Protections for Unborn

While most Americans were asleep last night, legislators in the Texas Senate were working diligently to add more pro-life legislation to their books, displaying their strong commitment to curbing abortions in the Lone Star State. Senate Bill 4 passed the Texas Senate by a 21-10 vote shortly before 2 a.m. earlier today. Sponsored by state Senator Charles Schwertner, the legislation prohibits local and state government agencies from contracting with abortion providers and their affiliates. It also expands the current state and federal bans on using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions by prohibiting any financial contracts with clinics affiliated with

Democrats Prove They’ll Do Anything to Obstruct President Trump’s Agenda

“Disaster.” “Erratic Leadership.” “Failed.” These are just a few words the mainstream media has recently used to describe Donald Trump’s presidency, as a part of the popular narrative that the President and GOP Congress are to blame for their inability to pass major legislation this year. Polls show that many Americans, including some who voted for Donald Trump, are beginning to lose patience with this lack of progress. But is the Trump administration really the problem? Throughout Trump’s presidency, there has been constant obstruction from the Democrats which has weakened and delayed the implementation of the President’s agenda for the

“It Is Too Late”: Charlie Gard’s Parents Give Up Legal Battle to Save Son

Today, the parents of 11-month-old Charlie Gard, who suffers from a rare mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, gave up their legal fight to take him to the US for experimental treatment because Charlie’s “window of opportunity no longer exists.” Outside the court, Charlie’s father delivered a heart-wrenching address thanking Charlie’s supporters and telling Charlie good bye. Charlie’s case has drawn worldwide attention with people around the globe chipping in to help his parents raise over $1.6 million to take him to the US for an experimental treatment. However, in June, the European Court of Human Rights refused to intervene, thereby upholding the

President Trump, Women of Color Need to Know: Are You Really Listening?

I recently received an email inviting me to participate in President Trump’s “Listening to America Survey to tell me the true sentiments, concerns, and interests of REAL America.” Although it was likely nothing more than a fundraising ploy, I took some time anyway to complete all the questions, hoping against hope that someone might truly read it and “listen.” After all, the tag line of the email was “why don’t they EVER listen”. Following his election, President Trump pledged “…to do everything I can to continue that promise of freedom for African-Americans.” He has a huge opportunity to keep that

Could This Backup Plan for Obamacare Repeal Save the Senate GOP?

After spending the last seven years promising the American people that they would repeal and replace Obamacare, GOP members of Congress are getting cold feet now that they actually have the opportunity to do it. All indications are that, as of this afternoon, the current Senate GOP bill lacks the votes to pass. In the meantime, two GOP senators and one former senator are preparing a backup plan if the bill doesn’t pass, in the form of a federalism-based bill that would largely put the states in charge of health care policy. The backup bill is being sponsored by Sens.

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