A Clinton Campaign Alum Tried to Suppress The Story of a Facebook Colleague Sexting a 13-Year-Old.

Shortly after a senior staff member at Meta, Facebook’s parent company, was caught inappropriately messaging underage boys in a pedophile sting operation, a company spokesperson with deep ties to Democratic politics tried to dissuade media outlets from even covering the story. Jeren A. Miles, previously a manager of global community development, was allegedly caught sending explicit and graphic messages to a 13-year-old boy by the group PCI Predator Catchers Indianapolis. The amateur group posted a two-hour-long video featuring an exchange with the Meta manager, who admits to conversing with minors on Facebook’s platform Messenger, prompting Miles to delete his social

Pelosi, Clinton Finance Director Becomes Lobbyist For Chinese Chamber Of Commerce.

Jonathan Mantz – Hillary Clinton’s former Finance Director who’s “raised nearly half a billion dollars over his career for Democratic campaigns” – is now a lobbyist for the American Chamber of Commerce in South China, which seeks to craft policies favorable to American companies doing business in China and routinely partners with the Chinese Communist Party to do so. Jonathan Mantz, a Principal at BGR Group, “leads the firm’s Democratic outreach efforts,” according to his professional bio and serves as a member of the Finance Committee of the Democratic Governors Association. “Over the past three decades, Jonathan has held senior

New York on 9/11: Defiant… and Deplorable.

There's a widening gap between real New York & woke New York, evidenced by the events surrounding the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and the vaccine passport mandates being broadly ignored by the city's finest and toughest.

Clinton Donor Turns TikTok Lawyer – The Latest Democrat to Get A High-Profile Job From a CCP-Linked Firm.

Matthew Penarczyk – a top lawyer for Microsoft and Hillary Clinton donor – is joining the Chinese Communist Party-linked TikTok app as its top lawyer. Penarczyk, who worked as a general counsel at Microsoft for nearly two decades, joined the controversial social media platform as its Head of Legal. The position makes him the “top lawyer” at the company and has him overseeing the U.S. and broader Americas region, including South America. Penarczyk new employer, however, has deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party. TikTok’s parent company ByteDance employs former Chinese Communist Party officials, including individuals with military ties, to executive

Clinton Protégé Congressman Serving on National Security Committees Invested In At Least SIX Chinese Communist Party-Linked Firms, Including Military Proxies.

Democratic Congressman Josh Gottheimer – a longtime Clinton family ally and member of the House Homeland Security Committee – is invested in several Chinese Communist Party-linked companies, including military proxies, The National Pulse can reveal. Financial ties between the Chinese Communist Party and Gottheimer, who has represented New Jersey’s 5th congressional district since 2017, are revealed in his most recent financial disclosure form. The 60-page list of investments reveals the congressman, who serves on the House Financial Services Committee and its National Security, International Development, and Monetary Policy Subcommittee and the House Homeland Security Committee, has made investments in at

EXC: While Fauci Was Giving Bad Advice to Trump, He & His Family Were Donating to Joe Biden.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s wife and children have exclusively donated to Democratic candidates – including Donald Trump’s opponents Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, The National Pulse can reveal. The news comes shortly on the back of the revelation that Fauci is the highest earning, publicly-funded federal employee. Meaning he’s using your taxes to fund political candidates. Dr. Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady, heads the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center and has donated eight times to Democrat campaigns. According to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) database, every single penny of the total $2,450 sum has gone

REVEALED: Biden NatSec Advisor Claimed Al Qaeda Was ‘On Our Side’.

President Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan emailed then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that Al-Qaeda was “on our side” during the Obama administration. The email, released via WikiLeaks, came amidst the escalation of the Syrian Civil War when Jake Sullivan was Director of Policy Planning in the Obama White House. Now the National Security Adviser to President Biden, Sullivan revealed that Al-Qaeda was “on our side” in Syria. In full, the email to Clinton entitled SPOT REPORT 02/12/II reads: See last item – AQ is on our side in Syria. Otherwise, things have basically turned out as expected.

REVEALED: Hillary Clinton Met With CCP ‘Undercover Intel Ops’ Group While Bill Floated Paid Speeches

A delegation from a Chinese Communist Party-run think tank identified by the U.S. government as carrying out “undercover intelligence gathering” operations and seeking to coerce foreign actors into backing the Chinese Communist Party’s “preferred policies” met with Hillary Clinton and a host of high-level military leaders during the Obama-Biden administration, The National Pulse can reveal. The exchange with the controversial group – China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC) – occurred in October of 2009, while Clinton was serving as Secretary of State. The CAIFC delegation, composed of China’s former top military leaders, visited Clinton after stopping in Hawaii to

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