3 Churches Sue FEMA for Religious Discrimination After Hurricane Harvey

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is facing a discrimination lawsuit from three different Houston churches. More than just homes were destroyed by Harvey; non-profit organizations, including churches and religious organizations, were as well. FEMA has a fund that provides for these groups: the Public Assistance Grant program. Per their website, “PA [Public Assistance] provides grants to state, tribal, territorial, and local governments, and certain types of PNP organizations so that communities can quickly respond to and recover from major disasters or emergencies.” Organizations such as museums and zoos have full access to these

Abortion Extremists Target… Hurricane Harvey Victims?

Hurricane Harvey has been an absolute tragedy. Not only has there been a tremendous loss of life, but the mass destruction of property and opportunities for the people of Texas has the entire country in mourning. It is at times like this where you see people pull together as one nation, set aside differences, and pitch in for support. Typically, the support offered provides actual help and doesn’t destroy even more life, but major pro-abortion groups want to change that. That’s right — major pro-abortion groups are raising money off Hurricane Harvey for… more abortions. The Lilith Fund, an organization

The Mainstream Media Is Finally Covering Real News

For months — heck, for two years — the media has been obsessed with Donald Trump. They have covered his every word and every move since the moment he announced his candidacy for president in 2015, and since he took office in January, it’s been at a fever pitch. Nonstop, wall-to-wall, endless, breathless coverage of Donald Trump and all his missteps, real or alleged. I’ve heard “Russian collusion” so many times that I don’t even know what is being investigated anymore. The media have been trying to discredit Trump’s presidency since day one. Every little thing he does becomes a