New Poll: Most Americans — Even Democrats! — Oppose Federal Funding of Abortion

In a new YouGov poll, a majority of Americans said that they oppose federal funding for abortions. According to the pollsters: YouGov’s latest research shows that most Americans (55%) support the federal law which prohibits taxpayers’ money from going to fund abortions. Even Democrats, who largely support personal abortion rights, are divided on the issue. 44% of Democrats oppose the ban on federal funding of abortion, but 41% support it. Most independents (56%) and a large majority of Republicans (73%) also support the ban. A closer examination of the poll’s crosstabs show that even a vast majority of women —

Kaine’s Mixed Signals on Abortion Reveal He Will Say Anything to Win

Tim Kaine wants to win, and now we know he’ll say anything to do it. That includes misleading voters on his position on the Hyde Amendment, the popular, bipartisan policy that has protected the conscience rights of taxpayers for decades by stopping federal funding of elective abortions under Medicaid. The Democratic VP nominee has flip-flopped his position on taxpayer funding of abortion five times in the last month. Last Friday, Kaine told CNN he supports the Hyde Amendment, contradicting the Clinton-Kaine campaign manager Robby Mook who said Kaine supports repealing Hyde and backs Clinton’s abortion agenda “100%.” Over the weekend,

Tim Kaine Asks Voters to Trust Hillary — But Can They Trust Him?

Last night at the Democratic National Convention, Tim Kaine attempted to make the case that Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy, a sentiment with which the overwhelming majority of Americans disagree. Amid a number of attacks on Donald Trump, Kaine laid out his argument: First, she’s consistent. … When you want to know something about the character of somebody in public life, look to see if they have a passion that began long before they were in office, and that they have consistently held it throughout their career. Kaine’s attempt to paint Hillary Clinton as a consistent, principled politician is

Can We Talk About How Extreme the Democrats Are?

On Monday, the Democratic National Convention voted to approve the most extreme pro-abortion party platform in U.S. history. As Danny Cannon wrote several weeks ago upon the release of the platform’s final draft, the new Democratic platform does away with “safe, legal, and rare,” the Clinton pro-abortion mantra on abortion in the 1990s, and instead promotes late-term abortion, on-demand, with no restrictions, funded by the taxpayer. The Democratic Party doubled down on their extreme platform with a “Who’s Who” list of powerful liberal speakers at their convention in Philadelphia this week. Where are pro-life speakers like Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)

The Democrats’ Pro-Abortion Platform Is Too Radical Even for Democrats

The Democratic National Committee’s platform proposal contains language on abortion so radical some rank-and-file Democrats are lashing out at party leadership. The draft platform promises that Democrats “will continue to stand up to Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood health centers” and “will continue to oppose — and seek to overturn — federal and state laws and policies that impede a woman’s access to abortion, including by repealing the Hyde Amendment.” The Hyde Amendment, a rider annually attached to laws by Congress since 1976, prohibits federal funding of abortion procedures. According to polling, over 65 percent of Americans support the

Democrats’ New Abortion Mantra: Unrestricted, Widespread, and Taxpayer-Funded

For years, the Clintons claimed that they wanted abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare,” a relatively moderate position they stuck to so long as they considered it politically convenient. In 2008, Hillary Clinton agreed wholeheartedly when asked if America should try to reduce the number of abortions to zero. For “at least fifteen years,” she said, that had been her goal in “talking about abortion being safe, legal and rare — and by rare I mean rare.” Yet as soon as she perceived an opening to do so, “rare” mysteriously dropped from her mantra. Now she only advocates for

A Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Be Terrible for the Pro-Life Movement

The season of waiting for the Supreme Court to issue some of its most controversial rulings of the year is upon us, and one of the most far-reaching decisions is the one on Texas’s abortion health and safety law. HB 2, adopted by wide margins in the state legislature, created tougher standards for Texas clinics and required abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at hospitals to facilitate treatment of complications. It is always possible that the Court, which is short one member due to the death in February of Justice Antonin Scalia, will deadlock over the Texas law. But even

Friday Speeches Show Clear Contrast Between Trump and Clinton on Life

Undecided pro-life voters were given a rare opportunity on Friday to evaluate the two leading contenders for president, as both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump addressed their positions on abortion in depth during speeches given at events in the D.C. area. In attempt to reassure Christian conservatives, Trump spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual conference, outlining some of their “shared values” and common goals on issues such as abortion and religious liberty. “We want to uphold the sanctity and dignity of human life,” Trump stated, as well as “the right of people of faith to freely practice their faith.”