“Ethno-mathematics”? Seattle Schools Weigh Adding Social Justice to Math Classes

Still reeling from a holiday celebrating that genocidal maniac, Christopher Columbus, schools in Seattle are about to dole out another heaping spoonful of how white men, colonization, and all things related to Western Civilization are bad. Very, very bad. Not only did white men and the growth of Western Civilization result in disease, pestilence, slavery, and all manner of human suffering, it also ruined math. Yes, math. But fear not: the Seattle school district is on top of it and intends to rectify past wrongdoings by “re-humanizing” K-12 math classes, mixing in an ethnic studies approach to multiplication tables. According to an

Leftist Identity Politics Claim Another Victim: Laura Ingalls Wilder

As we’ve all heard, Laura Ingalls Wilder was a racist. At least that’s what the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association (ALA), determined when they removed Mrs. Wilder’s name from The Laura Ingalls Wilder medal, “…an honor bestowed on an author or illustrator whose books, published in the United States, have made, over a period of years, a substantial and lasting contribution to literature for children.” The ALSC stated, regarding their decision to change the name to the Children’s Literacy Legacy Award, “This decision was made in consideration of the fact that

The YouTube Shooting Has Exposed the Left’s Real Agenda on Guns

Over the past few years, Leftist media outlets have published a litany of articles in support of gun control and other “intersectional” policies. Take, for example, these headlines from Salon: “Mass Shooters Part of a Larger Epidemic of White Male Rage” and “It’s Not About Mental Illness: The Big Lie That Always Follows Mass Shootings by White Males.” The Huffington Post even has an entire section devoted to their gun-grabbing policy goals and has given a prominent platform to children who accuse law-abiding NRA members of being uncaring toward shooting victims. Clearly, there is an agenda and a viewpoint at

This Viral Video Shows Exactly What’s Wrong with the Idea of “Privilege”

A video featuring teacher Adam Donyes attempting to explain “privilege” to his students went viral recently. In a mere week, it received nearly 35 million views, 750,000 shares and almost 20,000 comments, with many viewers claiming it makes sense out of the issue of “privilege.” However, the truth is that it substitutes material reduction and emotionalism for intellectual and moral substance and serves as a lesson in ideological hounding, not justice. It is very popular today to invoke “privilege” as a license to entitlement. Social scientists, the mass media, school teachers and politicians have taken to publicly lamenting “privilege” lately

WATCH: Democrats Run Disgusting, Race-Baiting Attack Ad in Va.

This week, a George Soros-backed PAC supporting Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam released an ad against Republican Ed Gillespie so disturbing that even the far-left Washington Post called it “vile”: The ad came out one day before the terrorist attack in New York, where a man used a truck to mow down and kill 8 people. The group pulled the ad after the attack, but Northam’s campaign didn’t disown it. A campaign spokesman said, “It’s not shocking that communities of color are scared of what his Trump-like policy positions mean for them.” Northam himself defended it, justifying it by saying Gillespie’s ads “have promoted

The “PC Police” Are Back This Year — And No Halloween Costume Is Safe

This article is part of a series focusing on Lens of Liberty, a project of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation. In her Liberty Minute titled “Pull Up or Pay Up,” Helen Krieble criticized school boards and city councils which have taken their power to the extreme by even mandating what people are and are not allowed to wear: Lots of schools have adopted rules against wearing low pants and some businesses have barred admittance to young people wearing their pants too low. Some say it’s old fashioned to care about proper attire and public decorum, though I think what the

Desperate Democrats Resort to Racial Politics in Virginia

As I’ve written several times before, Virginia’s 2017 statewide elections are critical for both national parties. Polling in Virginia races is notoriously wild, and this year has been no exception. While most polls have shown Democrat Ralph Northam leading Republican Ed Gillespie, they have almost all been within the margin of error. That is, until recently, when Gillespie took a 1-point lead in a poll released last week, the first time he has led a poll during the general election campaign. And just yesterday, a new poll came out showing Gillespie with an 8-point lead. The Democrats are panicking and

How Anti-Conservative Rhetoric Has Led to Shaming Evangelical Students

According to an overreaching board of trustees, evangelical students at Princeton University should hide their religious affiliation because it stereotypes them as Republicans. The board recently announced their decision that the students must scrap the word “Evangelical” in their student club’s title. Therefore, what has been known for eight decades, since its founding in 1937, as the “Princeton Evangelical Fellowship” must now be called the “Princeton Christian Fellowship.” According to William Boyce, a class of ‘79 alumnus who now serves as secretary on the board that voted to change the group’s name, the term “evangelical” is an “unnecessary hindrance” to