Kudos to Ted Cruz

After Indiana’s disappointing results came in, Texas Senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign. It was a very wise decision. I had just finished an appearance on the Fox Business Network, in which I tried to avoid suggesting that he should drop out. But by the time I got back to my house, Senator Cruz had made the announcement. Tuesday night, Senator Cruz put the country before his own ambitions. He knows the ultimate goal is to stop Hillary Clinton and prevent the left’s “fundamental transformation” of America. The Republican Party and the conservative movement must be united. And the party

BREAKING: Kasich to Suspend Campaign This Evening

Last night, after finishing a distant third in the Indiana Primary, a defiant John Kasich appeared poised to continue his quest for the presidency, even as Ted Cruz ended his own. Despite his position far behind Donald Trump in the delegate count, Kasich’s campaign released the following statement through John Weaver, their chief strategist: Tonight’s results are not going to alter Gov. Kasich’s campaign plans. Our strategy has been and continues to be one that involves winning the nomination at an open convention. The comments from Trump, on the verge of winning in Indiana, heighten the differences between Governor Kasich

ThePulse2016.com Chat: What Happened to Ted Cruz?

We held a chat this morning with several The Pulse 2016 contributors to discuss the end of Ted Cruz’s campaign. Where does the conservative movement go from here? Can Donald Trump be trusted by social conservatives? Participants included: Jon Schweppe, Communications Director, American Principles Project Shane Vander Hart, Editor-in-Chief for CaffeinatedThoughts.com Ralph Benko, Senior Economic Advisor, American Principles Project Mary Powers, pro-life conservative writer, and contributor to The Pulse 2016. schweppe [10:04 AM]: Okay. Well, let’s get started. Thanks to all of you for joining. ralphbenko [10:05 AM]: You are welcome, Jon. schweppe [10:05 AM] Last night, Ted Cruz dropped out of the race after

Here’s How Donald Trump Beat Ted Cruz

What happened in Indiana is not likely to stay in Indiana. Presidential campaigns are a genre of nonfiction. Here is how Donald Trump beat Ted Cruz in Indiana and became the GOP nominee. To appropriate the words of editorial titan Sean Coyne, it was a Big Idea. Trump’s Big Idea: Make America Great Again!  Doubling down, Trump declared in his recent first major foreign policy speech: Our goal is peace and prosperity, not war and destruction. In contrast, Ted Cruz focused on what Coyne calls building blocks. He commandeered delegates, announced a VP appointment, criticized a Trump endorser, attempted to paint

What Happens If Trump Wins Indiana Tonight? (VIDEO)

Frank Cannon is president of the American Principles Project and a respected conservative political strategist with over 30 years of experience. There was an assumption that Trump had a high point that he couldn’t overcome which was around 50 percent, and he has in fact been able to close in on 60 percent. His numbers in California are now around 54 to 55 percent. He’s got 1,000 delegates. There are 240 delegates that he needs to win, and if he wins 40-plus delegates in Indiana, it’s hard to imagine that he doesn’t amass 200 in the states of California, New

Can Cruz Pull Off the Upset in Indiana?

The conventional wisdom is that Tuesday’s contest in Indiana is Ted Cruz’s last chance at stopping Donald Trump. The conventional wisdom is probably right. RealClearPolitics has an updated delegate count: Trump: 996 Cruz: 565 Rubio (dropped out): 171 Kasich: 153 Trump is now just 241 delegates away from clinching the nomination with 502 delegates remaining. How will Indiana impact the delegate count? Here’s what I wrote last week: Trump has an opportunity to slam the door on this race next week in Indiana, where 57 delegates will be up for grabs. 30 of those delegates will be determined on a

Trump, Cruz Escalate Attacks as Indiana Vote Nears

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are in the midst of making their final pitches to the people of Indiana before next Tuesday’s primary, spending millions of dollars on television advertising throughout the state. Trump has largely focused on trade deals and outsourcing, attacking local manufacturer Carrier Corp for its plans to move 2,100 jobs to Mexico. Cruz, meanwhile, has largely focused on Trump’s recent statements against North Carolina’s bathroom bill, and has repeatedly compared Trump’s policies to those of Hillary Clinton. A recent ad from the Trump campaign features Donald Trump Jr. praising his father’s tough persona, stating, “It’s that

Cruz Wins Big Endorsement from Gov. Pence

Indiana’s presidential primary is next week, Tuesday, May 3rd. And this afternoon, Sen. Ted Cruz got a big boost when Governor Mike Pence endorsed him. Here are some excerpts of Governor Pence’s remarks: I’m not against anybody, but I will be voting for Ted Cruz in the Republican primary. I am a Reagan conservative. . . I see Ted Cruz as a principled conservative who’s dedicated his career to advancing the Reagan agenda. . . I’m very impressed with Ted Cruz’s devotion and knowledge of the Constitution. . . to our Second Amendment, and of course, I appreciate his strong