The House Republican Tax Plan Betrays Jack Kemp’s Legacy

Last week, House Republicans quietly abandoned basic tenets of supply-side economics by releasing a tax plan that includes higher marginal rates. While it was assumed the House GOP would prioritize corporate tax reform over individuals (prevailing economic models show corporate tax cuts


Who Will Be the Next Jack Kemp?

This column was co-authored by Jeff Bell, Policy Director for the American Principles Project. America needs a quarterback. America needs a leader, an optimist, a coalition-builder, and a visionary. America needs Jack Kemp back. Kemp was an American legend. A quarterback of the

Will Paul Ryan Be a Worthy Successor to His Mentor, Jack Kemp?

Paul Ryan recently, reluctantly, courageously, accepted the Speaker’s gavel in the House of Representatives. The terms on which he agreed to accept this very important post were his own, and dignified. His acceptance speech was impressive, promising to change the culture of