The House Republican Tax Plan Betrays Jack Kemp’s Legacy

Last week, House Republicans quietly abandoned basic tenets of supply-side economics by releasing a tax plan that includes higher marginal rates. While it was assumed the House GOP would prioritize corporate tax reform over individuals (prevailing economic models show corporate tax cuts give us the most bang-for-our-buck in economic growth), the idea that many Americans will actually face a higher tax rate in order to pay for corporate rate reduction is an unwelcome surprise. Under the House GOP plan, Americans currently subject to a 33 percent income tax rate will be bumped up to a 35 percent rate. A two-percent

Donald Trump, the Politicized Fed, and the Golden Rule

Left-leaning thought leaders have been unfairly scalding Donald Trump for his recent observations that the Federal Reserve is politicized. Therein an inconsistency, verging over into naked hypocrisy, by the left is revealed. The LA Times summed up the story in an article headlined “Is the Fed Politically Biased“: Every four years, the independent Fed faces the same predicament: how to try to manage the economy without appearing to favor either party’s presidential candidate. The sly phrase is “without appearing to.” Which, of course, is a very different thing than “without.” The politicization of the Fed is one of Washington’s biggest

Jimmy Kemp Endorses Daria Novak in U.S. House Race

Connecticut GOP candidate for Congress and longtime gold standard proponent Daria Novak has just received the endorsement of Jimmy Kemp, son of the late Jack Kemp, former HUD secretary and New York Congressman who also ran alongside Bob Dole in his 1996 bid to defeat former President Bill Clinton. In a statement reprinted yesterday by the Novak campaign, Kemp reiterated Novak’s reputation as “a relentless fighter for the growth policies that Jack Kemp advanced…to create 40 million new jobs in the 80’s and 90’s” and called Novak, “a champion of the classical gold standard.” Novak is just the latest Republican

Can the GOP Unite to Restore Economic Prosperity?

Last week Donald Trump met with Jack Kemp protégé House Speaker Paul Ryan. As the Washington Post aptly put it, “Ryan has the House. Trump has the party.” To quote the founder of the Republican Party, Abe Lincoln, who was quoting Scripture: “A house divided against itself can not stand.” This meeting was an iconic moment that distilled the dynamics and douleurs of GOP 2016 perfectly. The modern GOP is the House That Jack — Jack Kemp — Built. That House is in disarray. Jack Kemp championed, and inspired presidential aspirant Ronald Reagan to adopt, the economic formula that rescued

Who Will Be the Next Jack Kemp?

This column was co-authored by Jeff Bell, Policy Director for the American Principles Project. America needs a quarterback. America needs a leader, an optimist, a coalition-builder, and a visionary. America needs Jack Kemp back. Kemp was an American legend. A quarterback of the pre-Super Bowl era who led the Buffalo Bills to consecutive championships in the American Football League, Kemp went on as a Member of Congress to lead the Republican Party to historic legislative victories. Known as a champion of supply-side economics, Kemp was one of the earliest promoters in the Republican Party of pro-growth tax rate cuts, arguing in

Will Paul Ryan Be a Worthy Successor to His Mentor, Jack Kemp?

Paul Ryan recently, reluctantly, courageously, accepted the Speaker’s gavel in the House of Representatives. The terms on which he agreed to accept this very important post were his own, and dignified. His acceptance speech was impressive, promising to change the culture of the House in fundamental ways. Ryan, at his Kennedyesque best: I often talk about the need for a vision. I’m not sure I ever said what I meant. We solve problems here—yes. We create a lot of them too. But at bottom, we vindicate a way of life. We show by our work that free people can govern

Ted Cruz Hits a Grand Slam: The Dollar Should Be “Ideally Tied to Gold”

Financial reporter Rick Santelli — who triggered the Tea Party movement — put a profound question to Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in the CNBC presidential economic debate. Santelli’s key question was about the impact of the Fed on job creation and economic growth. His question and the answers were a highlight of a very fine, informative debate. Sen. Cruz hit a grand slam: Senator Cruz, in his answer, featured his original co-sponsorship of Audit the Fed. Even more impressively, Cruz featured his original co-sponsorship of the Centennial Monetary Commission, a crucially important piece of legislation to restore high