CNN’s Anti-Trump Russia Hoaxer Paula Reid Is Married to a Chinese Communist Party Lobbyist.

The husband of CNN Correspondent Paula Reid formerly worked for a lobbying group representing Chinese Communist Party-linked companies before joining a financial advisory firm training companies on how to work with the brutal regime, The National Pulse can reveal. Reid – who joined CNN as its Senior Legal Affairs Correspondent after working as a CBS News White House Correspondent – has frequently used her platform to spread the debunked narrative that Donald Trump colluded with Russia. Reid drew the ire of the former president during press briefings for abrasive and often flawed questions about his administration’s COVID-19 response. Most recently,

Four Congressmen, Including a Jan 6. Committee Member, Called CNN Because They Were ‘Devastated’ at Losing Jeff Zucker.

Upon Jeff Zucker’s resignation as President of CNN, several members of Congress called reporters from the network to express how they were “devastated for our democracy,” according to a report from Vanity Fair. The former CNN president attributed his resignation to failing to properly report a relationship with a colleague and comes amidst turmoil at the network over plummeting viewership and pedophilia scandals. A Vanity Fair article – “This Does Not Fit the Crime”: CNN Employees Continue to Push Back on the Fall of Jeff Zucker – details the response of Zucker’s colleagues to his resignation along with several members of

CNN Has An Institutional Sex Pest Problem.

UPDATE – On the morning of Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022, the President of CNN, Jeff Zucker, resigned amidst news about his own inappropriate relationship with a colleague. The National Pulse article that follows was originally published on December 30th, 2021 and was entitled: "CNN Has An Institutional Sex Problem and It's Time for Answers." You can support our prescient work by clicking here. The original article follows below: With a second CNN staffer under investigation for alleged sex crimes involving children, 2021 could define the network’s freefall under repeated sexual scandals. Instead of investigating their own employees’ culture of sexual

CNN Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Chinese Communist Party, Claims Xi is ‘The Real Star’.

The Cable News Network (CNN) run by Jeff Zucker is celebrating the 100th anniversary of one of the most brutal and illegitimate regimes in human history – the Chinese Communist Party. In CNN’s own words, “Xi [Jinping] will be the real star” of the celebrations. In a new article, the network hypes the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as “willing to adapt,” and “aware of the risks it faces, from a slowing economy, an aging population and a shrinking workforce, to an increasingly united West that is determined to counter its rise.” Authored by China correspondent Ben Westcott, the piece goes

Report: CNN’s Zucker Amenable to Return of Zoom Wanker Jeffrey Toobin

CNN President Jeff Zucker is reportedly open to having Jeffrey Toobin, who indecently exposed himself on a work-related Zoom video call, return to the network as its Chief Legal Analyst. According to reporting from The New York Times, CNN’s “executives are unwilling to discuss his future” despite Toobin “remaining the network’s chief legal analyst”: It’s unclear if, when or how Mr. Toobin will return to public life. He is on leave from CNN, whose executives are unwilling to discuss his future. (A spokeswoman confirmed that he remains the network’s chief legal analyst but would not comment further.) The Times continued, identifying Zucker as a

BREAKING: CNN’s Zucker ‘Encouraged’ Invoking 9/11 Terror to Urge Trump to Allow a Biden Transition

Project Veritas has released the first of its recordings from inside CNN’s editorial calls, beginning with what appears to be network President alongside reporters discussing how another 9/11 attack could happen if Trump didn’t pre-emptively concede to Joe Biden. The call begins with reporter Jamie Gangel, who describes what left-wing politicians are demanding she report about the matter of Trump leaving office. She appears to be all too happy to take her line from Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans. But the most shocking part of the call sees field producer Stephanie Becker demanding the network discuss how another 9/11 terror attack

EXCLUSIVE – Rep. Matt Gaetz: ‘Enemy of The People’ Reporters Are PR Agents for Democrat Party

“Let’s just stay very focused on impeachment…[and faced with multiple possible interpretations of current events] we shouldn’t just pretend, oh, this is going one way [or another]. And so all of these moves are toward impeachment.” — Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, during a daily 8AM conference call in 2019 (obtained by Project Veritas) The commander in chief knows that to troll the press is to control the narrative. Flood the zone and the press will drown. He tweets to set the schedule and program the media. This ultimately is why they are so angry at his tweets. He doesn’t