BREAKING: Trump Legal Brief Response Blasts Democrat Efforts as ‘Moot’ and ‘In Violation of the Constitution’ 

President Donald J. Trump and his legal team have responded to the legal brief issued by the Democrats in the upcoming Senate impeachment trial which alleges President Trump holds responsibility for the January 6th riot inside the U.S. Capitol. The President’s team has called the moves by Democrats “moot” and blasted them as “unconstitutional.” You can read the full brief below. Read:

BREAKING: Democrat Brief Claims U.S. Election Results Never Rejected Before – That’s A MASSIVE Lie.

The Democrats have released their legal brief for the upcoming impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump, falsely claiming that “No president had ever refused to accept an election result or defied the lawful processes for resolving electoral disputes. Until President Trump.” But their candidates sure have. In fact, almost every Republican victory at recent Presidential elections have seen the results challenged… by Democrats. And plenty of historical U.S. elections have been privy to challenges, too. In recent history Democrats have exclusively been the ones to challenge election victories for their political opponents. In 1969, in 2011, in 2005, and

READ: The Full Legal Brief Against President Trump.

The Democrats have just released their full legal brief against President Donald J. Trump. You can read the full document below: The document falsely claims that no election result has been contested in U.S. history. The document also makes clear Democrats are using the power of the state to try to ban President Trump from holding public office ever again – moves similar to those made by tyrants across the globe against political opponents. Read: