Man Faces Jail for Keeping 9-Year-Old Son From School Promoting Transgenderism

A man is being prosecuted for keeping his 9-year-old son from attending a school program teaching children about sexuality and transgenderism. If convicted, the father, Jabar ‘Jay’ Hussain, could be forced to pay a $3,200 fine, serve a 3-month jail sentence, and receive an “parenting order”. Despite this, Hussain remains staunchly opposed to subjecting his child to the program entitled “No Outsiders”. He told the press: “[No Outsiders] can cause confusion. If my son gets confused about this and about his own body, he might think he is a girl. The school thinks this is OK and has to be

Maryland Lawmakers Prioritize Leftism over Education

The founding father, and signer of the Declaration of Independence, Samuel Chase once said that “religion is of general and public concern, and on its support depend, in great measure, the peace and good order of government.” It is almost certain that if the famous Marylander were to come back today, he would recoil in horror at the heavy-handed, anti-religious actions of his state’s General Assembly and Department of Education. Those who pay attention to the news cycle should be aware of how disappointingly common infringements upon religious liberty are these days. One such predicament is the one which Maryland’s

San Francisco Bans Employee Paid Travel to Pro-Life States

Expanding a 2016 ban on city-funded employee travel to certain locations, San Francisco will now also prohibit employees from taking paid travel to states that are pro-life. San Francisco Supervisor Vallie Brown introduced the proposal on Tuesday at a meeting for the city’s board. The proposal would expand the current ban on paid travel to states that have “anti-LGBT” laws by including highly pro-life states as well. Brown argued that this proposal, “will expand the existing ordinance to states that have waged war on our constitutionally protected right to an abortion.” All eleven members of the board were “yes” votes,

Congress Injects Ideology into Anti-Child Abuse Bill

In late May, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that reauthorized the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) by a voice vote. The new version, H.R. 2480, the Stronger Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act sponsored by U.S. Rep. Kim Schrier, D-Wash., expands the current law’s abuse prevention outreach requirements to include “sexual and gender minority youth.” CAPTA was first passed in 1974 and was last reauthorized in 2010. Since then, the law has been amended four times. CAPTA provides federal funding and guidance to states in support with their child abuse prevention, assessment, investigation, prosecution, and

Joe Biden Joins the Movement for a False “Equality”

Earlier this month, Democratic front runner Joe Biden reportedly declared that when it comes to his run for the presidency, the “Equality Act would be his top legislative priority, an effort to enshrine LGBTQ protections into the nation’s labor and civil rights laws.” Biden’s announcement brings up a very important question: Is our society strengthened or weakened by the advancement of such “equality” legislation? Certainly Biden and most public institutions think so. However, for those who know the Natural Law and the teaching of the ancients concerning law and language, a very different conclusion emerges.  A law, according to Thomas

Pro-Abortion Lobby Deploys LGBT Playbook to Blackmail Georgia

The LGBT movement has successfully used corporate America to bully states into repealing or blocking laws it doesn’t like. Now the pro-abortion movement is trying to use the same playbook to strong-arm the states into repealing pro-life laws. Recall 2016, when North Carolina considered a law establishing that people had no right to use public bathrooms designated for the opposite sex. The organized backlash began immediately. Financial giant PayPal canceled plans for a small headquarters in Charlotte, the NCAA threatened to cancel future events in the state, and dozens of leftist states and cities banned their employees from traveling there

Woke Democrats Wage War on Women’s Shelters

Democrats were quite busy last week, finding ample opportunity to enjoy their favorite hobby — harassing the president. These hijinks notably included meeting to impeach President Trump, and then behaving as if they were shocked that the President didn’t want to discuss infrastructure with them on that very same day. Yet, their penchant for pandering to their intersectionality-obsessed base still needed to be satisfied. So, after expounding their radical views on gender ideology, some Democrats (ironically including Rep. Jennifer Wexton, D-Va.) have called HUD Secretary Ben Carson a liar for changing an Obama administration rule regarding discrimination in federally funded

Calif. Parents Protest State’s Controversial Sex-Ed Standards

California adopted a controversial new framework of standards for sexual education earlier this month. Now, parents around the state are rallying around one question: “Why is it okay to expose young children to explicit and potentially confusing material?” The “Health Education Framework” is designed to begin teaching about sex in the classroom as early as kindergarten. Among a range of issues covered are lessons on gender identity, sexual orientation, and how to best support transgender and non-conforming classmates. While teachers are not forced to use the new standards, many parents are worried that the adoption of such material will expose

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