Public Schoolteacher Complains Home Learning Will Interfere With Trans, Race, And Gay Propaganda

A Pennsylvania public school teacher has complained that at-home instruction would impinge on teachers’ abilities to “destabilize a kid’s racism or homophobia or transphobia” and host discussions about racism, sexuality, and gender. The coronavirus-fueled transition to online learning has shifted the domain for pushing far-left propaganda on American students from classrooms to homes, and some teachers – specifically Matthew Kay of Philadelphia’s Science Leadership Academy – are frustrated the shift will complicate their ability to spew their radical beliefs. Kay took to Twitter to explain how the prospect of parents listening to class discussion could “damage” conversations about race, gender,

LGBT Activists Demand Christian Charity Samaritan’s Purse Leaves NYC

Samaritan’ Purse – the Christian relief service that has helped communities in need from all over the globe – has been asked to leave Central Park where they set up a field hospital to help with the overflow of patients from Mt. Sinai Hospital. The pressure to remove them was spearheaded by Councilman Corey Johnson (D) alongside New York’s Reclaim Pride Coalition, and The New York City Commission on Human Rights – all hardline LGBT activists. “It is time for Samaritan’s Purse to leave NYC. This group, led by the notoriously bigoted, hate-spewing Franklin Graham, came at a time when

French Town Severs 25-Year ‘Twin’ Link with Polish Counterpart Over LGBT Position

A French town has decided to decouple itself from a quarter century-long “twinning” arrangement with a Polish neighborhood over the issue of LGBT ideology. Saint-Jean-de-Braye, a town just outside Orleans in north-central France, announced the move after its Polish counterpart declared their town “free of LGBT ideology”. The city council of Tuchow, Poland, announced the traditional conservative view after the leftist Mayor of Poland’s capital, Warsaw, embraced LGBT ideology publicly. The Associated Press reports: The mayor of the south-eastern town of Tuchow, Magdalena Marszalek, blamed the rare decision by the French community it had been twinned with, Saint-Jean-de-Braye, on campaigning