‘Litigation is Forthcoming’: Matt Gaetz Exposes Media Lies About Him, Threatens Action.

Firebrand Congressman Matt Gaetz has released a new video/podcast with explosive details of the establishment plot against him which began with a New York Times hit piece published in March this year.  Since the original story in March – which alleged Rep. Gaetz had been on “sugar daddy/baby” websites and claimed he had even sex trafficked minors across state lines – no named accusers nor any proof has emerged of the scandalous claims. Now, Rep. Gaetz has told his incredible side of the story, including details about State Department contractor Bob Kent, and how the shakedown he alleges was used

After Years of Lies, Brexit Conspiracy Theorist Carole Cadwalladr’s Grift Unravels

What happens when an investigative reporter was lying all along? What happens to their editors? To their newspaper? What’s the reward for truth-telling in journalism, if one is handed cash prizes and historic awards for peddling fake news? Americans ponder such questions as they relate to Russiagate – the debunked idea that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind the election of President Trump. Britons have our own Russia Lie hawked by supposedly reputable news outlets and agencies: that Putin – yes, Putin again – made 17.4 million Brits vote to leave the European Union. While farcical claims about Putin backing

Joe Biden Cannot Stop Lying.

Joe Biden cannot stop lying. Younger readers and many journalists don’t remember, but in 1987 then-Senator Biden was the front-runner for the Democratic presidential primary. The New York Times described him as “the hot property of the Democratic field, a meteor in a sky of slow-moving planets.” Biden moved crowds with powerful speeches about his humble beginnings in Scranton, Pennsylvania and his upward journey through local politics all the way to the United States Senate. But Biden’s campaign used speeches by British Labour Leader Neil Kinnock as models for their own candidate. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but