Obama Campaign Aide To Lobby For Chinese Communist Party-Owned Energy Company.

Jonathan McCollum, a former Obama campaign aide, is registered to lobby the U.S. federal government on behalf of a Chinese Communist Party-owned energy company. Now the Chair of Federal Government Relations at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron (DHC) LLP, McCollum previously worked on several Democratic party campaigns including former President Barack Obama’s 2008 run. His professional bio also reveals he served as a legislative correspondent to anti-Trump Senator Gordon Smith and his former stint at the New Hampshire Democratic Party: “Working for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, he managed two statewide races, a mayoral race, and over thirty municipal campaigns. His accomplishments

Brother Of Biden Adviser Secures Amazon Lobbying Contract

The brother of a long-time, senior adviser to Joe Biden signed Amazon as a new lobbying client less than two weeks after the 2020 presidential election. Jeff Ricchetti – the brother of proposed White House senior counselor and former Chief of Staff to then-Vice President Joe Biden Steve Richetti – added Amazon.com Services LLC. as a client on November 13th. The addition follows the lobbyist inking a lobbying deal with Vaxart, a biotechnology company that garnered scrutiny from federal investigators and the Securities and Exchange Commission after allegedly overhyping its involvement in President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. “The firm has already

Dominion Voting Systems Retains Obama ‘Vote Protection Director’ As Lobbyist

Dominion Voting Systems – whose machines flipped ballots cast for President Trump to Joe Biden – currently retains Brian McKeon, a Vote Protection Director for Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign, as a lobbyist. This unearthed connection follows Dominion Voting Systems counting ballots to create a false win for Biden in Antrim County, Michigan and several other glitches that required extended voting hours and delayed results. According to The Washington Post, McKeon was a “deputy director for voter protection for Obama for America, helping oversee the effort to recruit and organize attorneys to be poll watchers in the 2012 election”: …McKeon previously worked as a senior aide to