Lessons from the Georgia Religious Liberty Fight

Last session, the Georgia House refused to pass a state RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act), despite intense pressure from the base, after Coca-Cola and other iconic corporations weighed in against the bill—pitting, in an intense new way, the corporate wing of the

Stop Attacking Cruz for Talking to People

The New York Times is proud of creating a little, minor media problem for Cruz by reporting he changed his “tone” talking to some gay folks at a fundraiser in New York. We need to have better measures of a candidate than this. 

Bobby Jindal: No Government Coercion Based on Marriage

Gov. Jindal has taken to the most prominent enemy territory he can find, the op-ed pages of the old grey lady herself, to say: “no retreat baby, no surrender”*: In Indiana and Arkansas, large corporations recently joined left-wing activists to bully elected

Jindal Supports “Marriage and Conscience” Act

In Louisiana, Bobby Jindal is supporting a Marriage and Conscience Act which would prevent the government from denying any benefit, business license, or tax deduction because of a conscientious belief about marriage. I haven’t analyzed the language, but this bill at least appears to be