Can Republican Candidates Avoid Romney’s Fatal Error?

It may be hard to believe about a man who won just 28 percent of the Latino vote, but 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney didn’t plan on making immigration a big part of his campaign.  It originally started as a way to oust potential rival Rick Perry, according to the Huffington Post: They found a potential weak spot: immigration. Perry had expressed some views, such as supporting in-state tuition for certain undocumented immigrants and opposing a border fence, that polled poorly with the GOP base. Although Romney hadn’t planned to make immigration a major campaign issue, some aides thought that taking a

Is Scott Walker 2016’s Version of Mitt Romney?

The Pulse’s own Terry Schilling was featured in The Daily Caller yesterday with a piece comparing Scott Walker to Mitt Romney.  After looking closely at the two candidates, many unsettling similarities begin to appear: Mitt Romney’s appeal was due to the fact that he was a Republican who was able to overcome great odds by getting elected in a blue state and by passing a signature policy achievement with universal health care reform. Scott Walker’s appeal is that he is a Republican who has managed to get elected (three times) in a blue(-ish) state and managed to secure his own signature