Major UK Electoral Fraud Case Was Precursor to Ilhan Omar Cash-For-Ballot Scandal

Contrary to what the Democrats would have you believe, electoral fraud and mail-in ballot abuse can – and does – happen.  It was almost ten years ago to the day that a man born in Pakistan rose to national prominence in the United Kingdom, winning a historic election victory by becoming the first Muslim executive mayor in Britain’s history. But despite his ostensibly respectable background as a solicitor and member of the Law Society of England, Lutfur Rahman was controversial from the start. WATCH: His selection by Britain’s Labour Party was mired in electoral fraud – a harbinger of what was

KASSAM: Democrats Are SMASHING The Panic Button

The Democrats are smashing the panic button – repeatedly. Their attacks are now rolling in thick and fast; almost too fast for the Trump campaign and for the President himself to respond to. The Democrats are throwing the kitchen sink at the 45th President right now, in what is, palpably, an over-correction from their horrendous convention, their horrific riots, and their hapless candidate and his series of gaffes. Their approach is somewhat akin to having a drink to cure a hangover. But instead of having a bloody mary with brunch, they’ve downed a liter of vodka instead. Not so much