Trump Confirms He Called For 10,000 National Guard for Jan 6th… Pelosi Refused.

President Donald Trump has confirmed reports he requested 10,000 National Guard troops ahead of the January 6th rally in Washington, D.C., only to be rebuffed by authorities. Speaking Steve Hilton on “The Revolution,” the former president outlined how he knew in advance of the crowd size: “Everyone said we’ll be at the rally. It was, I think, the largest crowd that I have ever spoken to before. I have spoken to big crowds, hundreds of thousands of people, more than that, but hundreds of thousands of people.” In response, Trump said he “gave the number” to the Department of Defense,

REPORT: Pelosi’s ‘Conversations’ With Sgt At Arms Responsible For Lack Of National Guard On January 6

Former Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving’s discussions with Nancy Pelosi factored into his “blender of decision making” to delay deploying the National Guard at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, according to reports from the Daily Caller. “Pelosi’s office had previously impressed upon Irving that the National Guard was to remain off Capitol Grounds, Irving allegedly told House Admin,” the article summarized. The article’s sources – three individuals “with direct knowledge of Irving’s talk with House Admin” – also revealed the discussions centered around “optics” and “occurred in the months prior to the Jan. 6 riot.” The article also discredits

Cops, Kids, Reporters & Activists Were Murdered As Democrats Incited 2020 Riots… Now They’ve Accused Trump of Their Tactics.

The same media and Hollywood collective that derided American police in 2020 is now flooding the airwaves with their crocodile tears about the police who were on the front lines against trouble-making demonstrators at the nation’s Capitol on Wednesday.  News networks sickly dedicated just a few seconds to the death of black police officer David Dorn, murdered at the hands of Black Lives Matter looters in June 2020. Back then Joe Biden was silent about the killings, too, despite attacking President Trump and his supporters for Wednesday’s violence at the Capitol. There’s certainly enough blame in America to go around.

BREAKING: Pelosi Home Vandalized by Antifa She Enabled… Pig’s Head, Fake Blood, ‘Anarchist’ Graffiti

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home appears to have been vandalized by the same far-left Antifa activists her Democratic Party has enabled for the past several years. Freelance reporter Margaret VandenBerghe reported from San Francisco: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: @SpeakerPelosi’s house VANDALIZED with red paint, PIGS HEAD & spray-painted message “$2K (crossed out)… CANCEL RENT… WE WANT EVERYTHING”. City called to clean up at 3am & police attempting to stop photos of scene. Media SILENT. — Maggie VandenBerghe (@FogCityMidge) January 1, 2021 The Daily Mail, via TMZ, elaborated: Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home has been vandalized with red paint, a pigs head

Dems Demand House BAN of Pro-Trump Congressmen, Use ‘Force’ to Disenfranchise Over 92 MILLION Americans in Hitler-Style ‘Enabling Act’

New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell and The Week magazine writer Ryan Cooper have urged Democratic Party leadership to ostracize Republicans who supported President Trump’s legal claims, in a move not dissimilar to Nazi Fuhrer Adolf Hitler’s Enabling Act which proscribed opposition political parties. The suggestion perhaps underscores the importance of Republicans holding the Senate on January 5th when Georgians are set to vote in their run-off which will decide the composition of the upper chamber. Pascrell, 83, tweeted: “The text of the 14th Amendment expressly forbids Members of Congress from engaging in rebellion against the United States. Trying to overturn

‘Totally Okay To Shoot You In The Head’: Schoolteacher Leaves Violent Voicemail for Republican Congressman Paul Gosar

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar was threatened by a caller who left a violent and vulgar message for him, insisting it was “totally okay for me to come with my gun and shoot you in the head” while promising to unleash “lots of protestors” on the Congressman.  The message, left with Rep. Gosar’s district office, follows Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi branding Republicans “enemies of the state” and an AntiFa brigade murdering Trump supporter Jay Bishop in Portland. In addition to suggesting it would be “totally okay” to assassinate Rep. Gosar, the 36-second message calls the Congressman a “real big f*cking piece


EXCLUSIVE: Top Pelosi Staffer Registered As ‘Foreign Agent’ to Lobby For Chinese State Media Outlet

Brendan Daly, former Communications Director for Nancy Pelosi and a political appointee of the Obama administration, is a registered foreign agent who provided the Chinese Communist Party’s premier state-run media outlet China Central Television Network with “strategic counsel” as it expanded into the United States, The National Pulse can reveal. During his tenure as Executive Vice President at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Daly secured a contract between the lobbying behemoth and China Central Television Network (CCTV). Specifically, the firm helped the state-run propaganda outfit CCTV expand into American homes by “providing strategic counsel, identify relevant parties to communications activities, and