WATCH: Natalie Winters Explains How CCP Infiltrates American Media, Academia, & Politics.

National Pulse senior reporter Natalie Winters spoke with the Epoch Times’s Joshua Philipp on how the Chinese Communist Party worms its way into all aspects of American public life, including academic, media, and politics. Winters walks through the different methods in this must share video, backing up all the information with the words of CCP-linked groups such as the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF) and filings contained within the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) documents freely available to those willing to look. The reason you don’t see these stories elsewhere? The mainstream media has a vested interest in NOT looking.

WATCH: Kassam Explains Why Trump Should Use Insurrection Act (Feat Jack Murphy, Natalie Winters)

WATCH IN FULL: Kassam Explains Why Trump Should Use Insurrection Act. Guests include former Democrat-turned-Trump supporting author Jack Murphy and Natalie Winters. Jack Murphy’s book: Democrat to Deplorable, is available here. [powerkit_button size=”lg” style=”primary” block=”false” url=”” target=”_self” nofollow=”false”] Support The National Pulse [/powerkit_button]