REVEALED: Top Fauci-Linked U.S. Govt Advisor Serves On Chinese Communist Influence Committee.

A co-chair of a National Institutes of Health education committee doubles as an advisor to a Chinese Communist Party-linked influence group, The National Pulse can reveal. Adam Hott, who works on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Sequencing Evidence-Generating Research group, is also affiliated with the United States Heartland China Association (USHCA). He serves on the controversial group’s education committee, which seeks to “brings together resources in K12 and higher education to apply research, expertise, and new entrants to the workforce to US-China collaboration.” The unearthing of the United States Heartland China Association (USHCA) ties to Chinese foreign influence

U.S. Govt Spent Over $2.3 Million Injecting Puppies With Cocaine.

The National Institutes of Health spent over $2.3 million on studies that injected puppies with cocaine. The experiment, revealed through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by the White Coat Waste Project, follows previously unearthed studies funded by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease Director Anthony Fauci that “debarked” beagle puppies. Seven six-month-old Beagle puppies were forced to wear a drug-injecting jacket that allowed them to be dosed with cocaine again and again and again for months, along with an ‘experimental compound,’ to see how the two drugs interacted. The year-long experiment, which began in September 2020,

Trump Administration Halts Government Use of Aborted Fetal Tissue

In a move being applauded by the pro-life community, the Trump administration has halted a government-run study that was using aborted fetal tissue. Research for this first halted study had been occurring in a National Institutes of Health lab located in Montana and was set to study human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The lab was ready to start running animal tests that implanted mice with fetal tissue. A senior scientist with the lab stated in an email to his colleagues that, “…[the department] has directed me to discontinue procuring fetal tissue.” Late in September, the U.S. Department of Health and Human

While Planned Parenthood Admits Guilt, Government Spends Millions Funding Experiments on Human Fetuses

Planned Parenthood has been trying to legitimize its “baby-parts-for-money scheme,” but they have just admitted guilt. In their newest attempt to feed the media misleading buzzwords about what really goes on at Planned Parenthood, President Cecile Richards has released a letter to the National Institutes of Health announcing that their affiliates will no longer be accepting legal reimbursement for the expenses involved in harvesting the baby parts. However, the Center for Medical Progress—the organization that conducted the undercover research into Planned Parenthood’s activities—points out that “if the money Planned Parenthood has been receiving for baby body parts were truly legitimate