GOP Senators Should Kill This Transgender Amendment or Face Defeat in 2018

This article was posted originally at Townhall. Out of the hundreds of amendments proposed to the National Defense Authorization Act, the defense policy bill on the Senate floor this week, one amendment put forth by Senators Kristin Gillibrand (D) and Susan Collins (R) has stood out in particular. It captured the media’s attention for two reasons: First, these senators have now charged into the quagmire of debate over how to craft policy addressing people who identify as transgender. And second, these senators have cast themselves as brave members of the resistance, linking arms across the aisle to directly oppose mean old

Will the GOP Cave to Democrats Fighting Trump’s Transgender Military Policy?

Coming as a surprise to no one, Democrats in Congress are reportedly preparing to fight President Trump’s recently issued directive regarding transgender individuals in the US military. Their method, according to multiple outlets, will be one or more amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), an important defense spending bill considered must-pass legislation by many in Congress. What is surprising, however, is how many Republicans may be willing to join Democrats in this quixotic effort. CNN reports: Senate Democrats are hopeful they can get enough Republicans on board to pass an amendment blocking Trump’s directive and preliminary talks are